Woodsy Wonderland

this picture isn't that great, but this is the house we were staying in! it was amazing! i got my own room. :)

my siblings were making little rafts out of driftwood

mum enjoying some tea while watching the smol ones play
a fun fall display near one of the local markets

hiking was glorious, i loved pretending i was a fairytale character lost in the woods

the little monster being all cute. don't let him fool you
this was a rocky trail, very fun. 

this is very washed out, but the iconic trio wanted a pic
sunsets never fail to take my breath away

there's this adorable custard shop that we go to ever time we're in the area, the custard is fantabulous
my mouth is watering


My knowledge of technology is very limited, I admit. Dad lent me his camera when we went to Door County last fall, and I thought I lost all the pictures I took. My brother (who is significantly more knowledgeable when it comes to things with cords and memory cards) was fiddling around with the camera this morning and was able to find all of the pictures! 
These are a couple of my favorites. 

This was my first time using a 'real' camera, and it was so fun! I'll be sure to share the rest of the pictures soon. 

~ K A T H R Y N


Last Night's Journey


We recently read Dante's Inferno in english class. For the final assessment, I had to write a short story inspired by and incorporating elements from this thought provoking work. While this story is somewhat  disjointed and flawed, I had so much fun writing it! I havn't written a story in a while, so it was a great way to get back into the swing of things.



Have a lovely weekend!

~ K A T H R Y N



she grits her china teeth
calico eyes piercing
cold, artificial anger pulses
through her
how dare the old chase the new,
a glimmer of the past stirring
from a dusty slumber

she slithers mechanically to the bookkeeper
inquiring as to the unusual nature of the encounter
but the keeper of tainted histories topples over
a smoky breath of death, a shriveled corpse of ages

the fading light was quelled
replaced by blue florescence
sterile and glossy materials
building a metallic world

bolted joints crush a beating heart
snuff out the irregular pulsing
of an all-too-human sphere

for, no matter the day, green will turn to gray
wonder to fear

this awesome image is from pinterest


This is a bizarre poem I whipped up while in study hall. Ah, boredom breeds creativity in even the most decrepit mind (chemistry is actually decomposing my brain, send help.)

Today school was canceled due to a heavy onslaught of snow...YIPPEE! :)
I'm beyond happy that I have a chance to catch up on some things, start some fun new projects, and watch shows + read books that I havn't been able to enjoy due to the crazy amount of homework/studying I've been having to do the past two weeks.

Currently, I'm getting back into knitting (what?) because I'd like to make some hats and scarves to donate. Crafts tend to try my patience, but I think having a cause to work towards will help me discipline myself to actually sit down and spend some time with the project. We'll see.

I'm still working my way through Keepers of the Lost Cities, and have been waiting for an eternity for the next book to come in at the library! It's finally there, but the weather is so wacky outside that I'm not going to be able to get to the library today. Woe of woes!


How would you spend your ideal snow day? Reading anything good lately? Do you cope well with yarn and needles or do you have a tendency to throw them across the room ejaculating in wrathful frustration? (not that this has happened to me *cough*.)

~ K A T H R Y N


Journal 1/3/18

*crawls out of cave with bemused expression upon her brow as she tries to sort confuzzled thoughts*

Buckle up fellas, this is going to be a random word vomit. 


Break is bliss.

Currently I'm on Christmas break and it's amazing. It's great to get away from school and do things I love, spend time with friends and family, and feed my creative juices. 

I'm reading a ton = ha, what is sleep?

I recently finished The Maze Runner--a friend lent it to me. It was alright. I wasn't overly impressed, but I might read the next book, y'know, just to see what happens. ;)
A new obsession of mine is Keepers of the Lost Cities. It's an easier read, and the back claims it's for ages 8-12 (stupid, don't tell me what to do), but it's such a fun and sweet series. Totally invested in the characters and I have to read the rest of the series. :D
I'm reading another amazing fantasy book, but you'll see that in this month's Tea and a Read.

proud of this picture

Endeavors at art (glorious failures)

    I've been working on refining "my" art style-- a simple cartoon pencil mess with Burtonesque flair and random pencil scratches. It's nothing fancy, but it's actually helping me write. I've started a journal for character sketches and have taken to sketching random people I see (I try to be inconspicuous and am only slightly creepy.) I make up backstories for them and it's so much fun. 

                                        Stress *screech*

I start rehearsals for a winter dance show on Saturday with the scariest teacher at my studio, have rehearsals for two major dance productions coming up, and am auditioning for my school's production of Beauty and the Beast. 

I honestly need to find out what needs to go, because I don't want to self combust (a natural reaction, I believe.) I'll have to look at my schedule. 

Also, to get it off my chest,  I STINKING HATE MATH

just so you know it's extremely awkward when you think you're alone while doing dramatic choreography and someone walks in
Taking a breath

I made resolutions and plans.
I'm determined to do everything in my power to find balance.
I can do this.
I hope.


What's going on in your life? Are you reading any good books lately? Do you loathe math with the same burning ardor that I possess? 

~ K A T H R Y N



they flit like finicky faeries 
ride on the wings of change
undulating with the mystery they carry
marred, confused, strong, and strange

a thousand shifting shades
biting and tearing like lies
rampage quickly on their raids
heedless of silent cries

i resist and run away
close my eyes and clench my teeth
they shall not triumph today
hide their shriveling bodies beneath

this picture does not relate to the poem at all but yay for cool sunlight


'Lo there, just popping in to share this poem I whipped up last week.
I've been very busy with school and dance as of late, and exams are underway. I've taken history and philosophy exams and have French, chemistry, math, and english left. I'm not very worried about any of them except for chemistry. It's not like I don't LIKE chem, it's just a very hard subject for me and has been giving me a constant stomach ache.
 Oh well, once I'm done I'll be on CHRISTMAS BREAK! :)

I plan on posting Tea and a Read next week and I have a fabulous book to share with you all. 

~ K A T H R Y N


The Sixth Sense // Novel Snippets


I don't really feel comfortable sharing my stories on here, but everyone in the Blogger world seems to be displaying their NaNo work for feedback/commentary and I'd love to hear what you have to say.
 So, here's some unedited rubbish that I'm hoping turns into a decent story someday. As you will see, I'm going for a sic-fi, dystopian feel, but I'm a little concerned it's going to turn into the "typical dystopian" (you know what kind of books I'm talking about.) Has anyone experienced this problem before?

This November I've worked more on planning rather than "winging it" and letting my whims drive me. I'm so much happier with this approach, and it provides structure without cramping creativity. 

These snippets are totally unedited and I havn't looked at them for a while...be warned. :)

- Snippet One -

Press to start transcription
*lol that's supposed to be in a cool font but blogger doesn't want to use it*

His hands shake as he slowly moved towards the screen. His eyes are narrowed, his lips dry and trembling. He is frightened but determined. I leap towards the monster apparatus, yelling.
“Xandar, stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” I shout as loud as I can over the whir of the waiting machine, pulling his face away from the screen. He regards me with a bleary gaze of annoyance and desperately tries to yank his head away. I grit my teeth and pull him closer, trying to read his vacant eyes. My heart hurts for him, but I’m mad at him too. How could he be so stupid?
I’m jerked out of my thick thoughts as the resistance of his head against my hands slackens. He’s weak. I quickly disconnect the cord from his port and try to lower him to the floor.
“We need to get out of here, now, okay?” I say slowly, trying to make him register that this is important. After a few seconds of confused recognition, he nods meekly and stumbles towards the door. The door looks far away and I can feel the perspiration creeping down past my eyebrows, blurring my vision. I want my heart to stop pounding in my ears, in my head, in my brain... I must get him out of here. I can’t let them win.

“Stop right there.”

I wake up with a jolt, tumbling out of bed on to the floor, my heart beating wildly. This is the third time in a week that I’ve had the dream, and it gets vivider every time. I take a quick swipe around my bedroom just to make sure everything is as I’d left it the night before. Pink, early morning light filters in through the curtains, making me feel better. It’s a dream, just paranoia spurred on by the increasingly bizarre and terrifying news coverage that we can’t rip our eyes from. Suppressed stories that we piece together, our imaginations filling in the blanks.

- Snippet Two -

“Reina! Wait for me!” A shrill voice yells my name from behind, and I hear light footsteps behind me. Ceilia, the Mayor’s fair haired daughter grins at me, her small frame trembling with pent up energy. Ceilia is five years younger than I, but we get along well. I am intrigued by her intelligent, piercing grey eyes, and she reminds me of a young meadow lark, always flitting about doing something. I take her small hand in mine and we continue walking to the school in a companionable silence, our exhalations leaving small puffs of vapor in the biting air.
“Reina?” Ceilia breaks the silence, turning her head upwards to look me in the face. “Do you want to hear something daddy said this morning?” 
I smile, nodding at her. We continue walking.
“Daddy said something bad happened at the Party Capital last night. They wanted to arrest a boy, you see, and of course he didn’t want to be arrested, I mean, would you? Anyway, he escaped, and the Capital is crazy mad over it. They sent alerts to all the divisions officials, like daddy, saying to keep an eye out for the boy. I just don’t understand what a boy could do that could be so bad.”
She pauses for breath, her small pale face screwing up in confusion. I raise my eyebrows, sure this is another dramatic retelling of her father’s small tasks. I am slightly unsettled, however, because she hasn’t ever told me anything like this. I don’t want to worry her head with any questions, I can already see she is worried. I swing her arm, skipping for a few steps. “Wanna race the rest of the way?” I ask nonchalantly, my face breaking into a smile. The cloud of confusion on Ceilia’s face clears and she brightens. “Try to keep up!” She giggles mischievously, breaking into a surprisingly fast sprint. I follow suit, laughing despite the burning feeling the cold leaves in my lungs. We reach the tall building at the same time.

from pinterest a.k.a. the black hole of pretended productivity

~ K A T H R Y N



 she yearns for the light but is afraid
to step out of the velvety shadow
a place of shelter
a covering that does not reveal

the scintillating glow of light beckons
what would it be like 
if she joined the demigods that lived there
smiling faces with knowing eyes
who see with clarity and appreciation
all that is expected of them
perfectly cut pieces that fit into
the pleasing puzzle 

two worlds to live in
a wish to live in both
a fear
a yearning
a tear
a burning
a year
pages turning

the constant debate


a poem inspired by shadowy pictures and recent reflections

~ K A T H R Y N


Tea and a Read // October 2017


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so this month I'm reading some of my favorite creepy stories! I love H.P. Lovecraft's eloquent writing style and engaging storylines. 
Librivox has free recordings of numerous Lovecraft works (in addition to many other amazing books.) Check it out!


Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix is the bomb! It's the perfect drink for fall, in addition to being easy and inexpensive. A great alternative to morning coffee, as proven by a sleep deprived highschool student (yours truly.)


Have a fantabulous weekend,

~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. Any good book recommendations?


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