i stood looking up at the painted sky
tracing the lines of eternity

others had seen the scintillating canvas
they had felt the golden halcyon 


a haze of feral visions
stories waiting to be told

but for now i stay on the ground
i must wait to take flight


~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. What kind of posts do you want to see? I'm thinking of ressurecting Tea and a Read.



a faint breeze wafts by
memories almost forgotten, feelings still mysterious

you get drunk on the smell of sweet floral air
intoxicated with the taste of delicacy
your head is filled with nonsense
your heart is almost bursting

stories are told again, in softer tones
that carry harsh meanings
you're wishing it all goodbye with a tear in your eye

my image


~ K A T H R Y N


Little Dreamer Girl

a short snip of story that i scribbled while waiting at school yesterday


she filled her lungs with dreams
felt their ethereal wings flutter through her
the nights were long, but she didn't mind
she had written a thousand stories in her heart

one day the dreams were taken away from her 
the scintillating life source was quelled 
nothing to breathe, to love, to think upon on lonely nights
a once pulsating glow turned to cold ashes

she inhaled but did not live 
thought, but did not ponder
believed, but in frigid reality
where did you go, little dreamer girl?

i miss the warm summer nights
when eyes glowed and breath came fast
magic floated on the air like a song
waiting to be sung by YOU
little dreamer girl

now you sit on the mantle
staring at nothing with painted eyes
do you feel any remembrance
can you taste the memories,
little dreamer girl?

this beautiful tree lives on our block and her name is Cassandra

~K A T H R Y N


Brake or Break?

sometimes i want to step hard on the brake, holding life and love and space in a piece of ice
i want to numb every little thing that bites into my hard skin and leaves more than teeth marks
this is impossible, but i won't break because i can't brake
i'll just accelerate even more
because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
and its all just a bunch of overthinking

A random little piece from over a year ago.

~ K A T H R Y N


Hear It

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey, 
                                                   I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

photos taken on a recent snow day--the snow provided an amazing reflector that proved for some very fantastic effects!

the verse selected to accompany the photos is from "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by W.B. Yeats.--I've been delving into the poetry of Ireland and am finding some gems. ;)

~ K A T H R Y N


Sunlight Jewels




~ K A T H R Y N



four letters
a story untold
a plan that was never carried out
it draws a smile to the lips
bring tears to blurry eyes
longing for it to come true rubs at your heart
but the sacrifice! the fear! the unknown! 

blurry self portrait from last Summer

~ K A T H R Y N


The Cave

surly shadows danced listlessly against the stony walls
walls that provided our only landscape, walls that did not provoke thought
do walls ever provoke thought? i suppose, sometimes.
but not these walls.
reality was merely a smoky illusion
cast carelessly on these walls with the ardor of Hephaestus
our bonds held us fast, no thoughts to free us
no pellucid aspirations to give us wings

i somehow managed to break my bonds
given strength by my yearning for truth
i ran as fast as my weakened limbs could carry me
to the light

the light burned with a fiery intensity
it seemed to purge me of all the darkness that had ever been in me
i saw the truth
and it was beautiful
i longed to share it with the whole world so that they too could feel the scintillating sparkle
of a glimpse of eternity

i ran to my still fettered companions 
spilled my enlightenment and joy and encouragement
come seek the light with me, let it wash over you
they looked at me like i had gone mad
and maybe i had

they assaulted me with anger behind their eyes
but i did not fear
i did not feel anger
i felt a pity that tore my soul to pieces and brought tears to me eyes
will you not come to the light?

~ K A T H R Y N


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