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When I first started this blog, I posted a lot of the fictional stories I wrote on it. While those stories were rather cringy, I enjoyed getting into the world and characters I created. It felt great. 

For the past few months, I just haven't been inspired to write stories anymore.

Sometimes I have dreams that I want to make into stories, or I have good character ideas, or I have strong emotions that just need to come out in a scene. I just can't put the words on paper. I guess I feel a bit lost and without a roadmap. I've never really felt this as a writer, and I can't figure out why the words aren't coming. Perhaps I just don't have the time I used to have for ideas to stew around in my head and actually become something? 

They say writing inspiration often comes from real life, but I havn't had anything exciting happen to me recently. What's a fella to do?



reading: nothing much (very busy with school), but picking up The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis on and off
watching: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds last night. It was my first Hitchcock film, and I thought it was very well done. 
listening to: Freedom Fry, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, usual film scores
doing: a copious amount of homework + projects, studying for my four upcoming tests, volunteering at the food kitchen, practicing my piano piece for ensemble, worrying about school
enjoying: keeping my windows open at night and listening to the sound of the last summer bugs
looking forward to: the next break from school, fall weather + fashion, Halloween and Thanksgiving
missing: my friends, Summer, writing 
etc: I started ballet again last Wednesday and was sore for three days afterwards! It feels great to be back.


Have you ever experienced a major writing slump? Do you have any good story ideas? How's your September going?

~ K A T H R Y N




Original title, I know...

The other day I saw some interesting shadows on the floor so I took a bunch of weird pictures while my brother looked on with concern.

Ah, blogging.

~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. I'm really busy with school right now, so posts might be less frequent. 


the dream was shoved in the back of the closet

it was dark

                                                                                        she forgot about it

                                                                                        when she finally remembered

it was too late


'Lo there! I hope you all are enjoying your weekends. Today I'll be working on some PSAT and school prep... blech. Hopefully I  can get outside for a bit to enjoy the fabulous weather! 
(It's not too hot here, thankfully.) I've been making the work slightly more pleasant (but not much because MATH) by listening to movie soundtracks and working near an open window. I love hearing the summer bugs hum.

We're getting our kitchen remodeled--our first big project in this house (we've lived here 14 years...) 
My parents are big on thinking about projects before they do them. A lot of thinking.
As a result of this new escapade, we are subsisting on microwaved artificialness, bottled water, and, coffee. In order to make the coffee, we have to crouch on the floor in a Gollum like yoga pose while making sure we don't get stepped on by careless passersby. 
Yes, it's an adventure.

School starts next week...I'll be a sophomore at the same school I was at last year. I'm definitely not enthused about it and wish I could go back to homeschooling, but I am less afraid of it than last year. 
My mom was talking about me doing community college classes or online classes next year. If you've been homeschooled through highschool or a currently being homeschooled through highschool, what did you do/are doing?

Time is flying, life blurs. ;)

~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. I don't remember when or why I wrote the above lines. That's what comes of having 50 drafts. 


Lost at Sea

who am I?
i don't know anymore.

i tried finding my identity in a book
i tried to see myself in my surroundings
but there is no answer
there is no answer to my call for help
i'm on my own

i'm adrift
shipwrecked in a unknown sea
surrounded by the wreckage that is the only thing left
of a large ship composed of childish allusions
the ship was frail 
in leaked the sea
and soon
the ship's splintering entity was destroyed

nothing but ghostly whisperings of a golden past are left
and those fade quickly 


disjointed and awkward reflections from late night ponderings

~ K A T H R Y N

Daylight, Come Soon

She takes the thought in her hands, feels it. It runs through her fingers like a kind of sticky bitter water. 
Dream juice.
She wants to immerse herself in it and get as far away from it as she can, all at the same time.
What to do with it all?
Laying her head down on the hot and damp pillow, she attempts to clear her mind. She shuts her eyes, counting as high as she can.
The clutching grasps of incessant imaginings tear around her mind. 
Daylight, come soon. 


~ K A T H R Y N

Back to Routine



I apologize for the lack of posts for the past 6 weeks-I just had my phone with me, and I was not going to try typing up a wordy post on that.

Since it's been a while, why not do another of those random, discombobulated life posts sprinkled with a a dash of insanity and reality? 


I took a lot of dance photos

I hate looking at dance photos or videos of myself. I cringe and criticize until I just want to call it quits and live my life like a lamenting walrus. However, part of me wants to have those pictures to track my personal progress. So, I'm sharing some of the ones I took over summer intensive. I might share some "artsy" ones I took later. Perhaps. 

School starts this month *slow crumple of dispair*

My philosophy is that once school starts, Summer ends. The fluid flow of imaginative pondering and subconscious revelations of the mysteries of life is quelled as the brain is stuffed with equations and formulas.

No dearest mum, I am not being dramatic. 

This year in addition to the required classes, I am taking accelerated chemistry (a bad idea), instrumental ensemble (don't know what to expect), and art (yay!)

I feel the urge to write

I havn't written anything except to-do lists the past few weeks. (Well, I wrote in my head but that never sticks around.) I can't wait to write some poetry or short stories this week.  


~ K A T H R Y N


Finally Summer


On Friday I had my last final exams--beyond relieved school is done. 

Last night I had my first show out of three...it's a busy time at dance! I woke up this morning sore all over, and I have class tonight. Currently trying to stretch everything out as I type this. ;)

~ K A T H R Y N



i stood looking up at the painted sky
tracing the lines of eternity

others had seen the scintillating canvas
they had felt the golden halcyon 


a haze of feral visions
stories waiting to be told

but for now i stay on the ground
i must wait to take flight


~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. What kind of posts do you want to see? I'm thinking of ressurecting Tea and a Read.


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