A Random Poem

                                                A Summer Night

As I walk upon the damp grass fair.
Breathing in the cool night air.
I hear songs that I never hear before.
The waves lapping against the shore.
The fairy lights twinkle, shining and bright.
Shedding fairy dust with bright golden light.
The wind whistles ghostly through the trees.
Bending and swaying their wooden knees.
I hear  the moan of cicadas high.
Their song filling the night sky. 
I think of the things I haven't done.
And then I feel the urge to run.
Run away, into the night.
Like a bird, swiftly taking flight. 

Running along, hair flying behind.
I look for things, not knowing what I'll find.
Away, away, beyond the sea.
Past the dark and moaning tree.
Away, away, into the night.
Like a bird swiftly, taking flight.


What do you think? Did it make you think of anything in particular?



    *drops dead*
    Lovely poem, lovely imagery. <3 I especially like the last four lines. :)
    For some reason it made me think of someone passing into the West.....idk why, I guess since you talked about fairies and shores......I can't help thinking about maybe an Elf who was a Kinslayer in the first ages and was trying to escape from himself and pass over the sea in the second and third.......WAIT HOLD ON A MINUTE OH MY GOSH IT'S MAGLOR.
    (He used to be one of the loves of my life, you know.)
    But all joking and fangirling aside, a very wonderful poem with beautiful imagery. I love it <3

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you Ellie. : D

  2. I like this poem. It makes me think of a fairy land.



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