Bad Days

 We all have them...

Yes, you know when you do. "Nothing goes right" "Everyone is against you" "grrr"

It's what we make of it...


'Lo all,

   Today's post is about bad days. Delightful, ey wot? Seems fitting for a Monday post.

....Well, usually it starts off in the morning.

Drat, you forgot your homework at home!

You're so nervous about that that you trip on the bus and embaress yourself in front of your nemesis. Who laughs.

That shakes you up so much, and when you get your grade back for that quiz from last week, that B seems like a failure.

Everything seems to pile up, and finnally, you feel like you are "gonna die" Believe me. We are all dramatic pussies at one time or another. And that's okay. Feeling bad about something is okay.

But then we need to turn the day around and CHANGE.

CHANGE. Some attribute it to scariness and disorder. Some think it's good. Well it can be good if you change for good.

So instead, be happy you got a B instead of something worse.

Accept that the kids who saw you trip will forget it soon.

Try to CHANGE your organizational skills so you don't forget your homework.

Take a break.  Say a prayer. Recharge. We can't keep going non-stop. And always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Bad days are horrible. What I do is every morning, (which I'm proud of myself for doing this because I am most definetly a night owl, not an early bird) I say a little short, simple prayer during school announcements. Just something like, "Please let this be a good day." Or, "Help me do things the right way." I find this helps a lot.

    1. Oh, that's a good habit!


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