Chapter One of A Nameless Story. : )

'Lo everyone!

I thought you all might like to see the first chapter of a project I've been working on.
This is the only chapter I'm sharing on here as I have other stories going, but it might be fun for you to read anyway. I'm still working on a title, and if you come up with any ideas, be sure to let me know!

BTW, To the End of it All should be up on Friday. : D


To you, dear reader:

Our world has changed, it really has.

But just in case it changes again, (and I really hope that doesn't happen.), I'm gonna write down my story.

We learn from history, and one day I shall be history. Just like all things of the past.

My name is Ai Solari. I am a survivor.


Chapter One

A long time ago, there were things called countries. 

These countries  were constantly fighting, and they all had horrible destructive missiles pointed at each other

One day,  in the year 3020, the countries seemed to lose their minds, their sense of right and dignity. They were sick of living in fear. They let the missiles loose. The gigantic explosion destroyed the continents, and what was left melded together. It killed most of the world's population.

I was but a child of two, and I remember little. But I was one out of the 5,000 survivors. 

My parents had died, but my brother lived. For a short time. He was killed in the reconstruction movement. 

I was taken into a family....if you could call it that. It was really just a group of survivors who had taken to each other. But we cannot be picky about who we live with if it means some source of love, right? Perhaps.

Until I was five, people struggled with grief. Many died from stress and depression. Then, we started to rebuild.

We called the huge thing that the crashed and crumbled continents had left us, Amuruska. It is still being built. Building a new world is not a quick task, is it?

Over time, human nature began to show itself again. People wanted to rule this new world. And as a recurring theme goes, the strongest got their way. Kepa Unai, a strong willed man, made of pure evil, took over all proceedings with his fear-controlled army and proclaimed himself ruler. He placed brutal soldiers at each village across  Amuruska to carry out his demonic and insane whims. He ordered the people beaten down, unable to rise up and build a republic of democracy. He crushed even the smallest glimmer of rebellion. That was when I was six.

When I was 7, I wanted more than anything to get rid of Kepa Unai. To rid us of this cruelty.

And when I was 14, I made my first act.

I wrote a lengthly letter, explaining why we should not be treated so. Stupid child, that I was. I believed words could move. And they can, sometimes. But sometimes not. I got locked in the Great dungeon facility of Nisaq, Kepa Unai's capitol at the center of Amuruska, for a year. It was terrifying in those dungeons. I never wanted to see them again.

But you realize, when you want something badly, you must sacrifice something in return.

I will start my story when I was age 17, when it all happened. 


"Ai! Come and weed the garden!"

My "mother" called me, dragging large buckets of water from a nearby crater full of water.

"Yes, mother."

I gripped a pointed piece of wood to aid myself in digging out the stubborn weeds that interfered with the growing of our food. Digging, I wrenched the weeds out without mercy, pretending I was taking revenge upon Kepa Unai, the one who did nothing but watch us struggle to live.

Then I heard a scream. It was a scream of terror, the one that issues from a throat that is filled with fear. 

I whipped my head, up, my heart beating fast. You hear a lot of screams nowadays, but every one jerks at your conscience. You want to help, but you are too frightened. 
That is, if you don't have anger behind the fear, the kind that makes you a little blind to reason.

I stood up from off my knees, peering in the direction the screaming came from.

"You're wanted at the Central City! You must serve! It is his orders! Obey or die."

I saw a girl scowling viciously at one of the despicable soldiers, her siblings looking on. Her mother watches, powerless, from the window.

Bombs have not been made again, due to everyone's safety for their own lives, if not others'. However, we do have weapons, at least Kepa Unai and his soldiers did. I saw a white laser gun sticking out from the belt of this particular soldier. Not much to look on from the outside, but deadly, very deadly.

The girl yelled her defiance again, and I could see fear on each face that stood assembled.
"Very well then. My, at the rate you all are cooperating, it's a wonder anyone is left!" the man says, raising his gun to shoot. Thoughts rushed recklessly through my brain as I picked up the sharp piece of wood I had been using for weeding. I eyed up the man. It wouldn't kill him, no, but it would distract him.
I took careful aim, and fired. I heard a yelp of pain as the soldier danced around indignantly  holding his backside. I couldn't help but giggle, but then, coming to my senses, I gestured for the girl to escape with her siblings. Seeing them safely inside, I bent quickly down to weed again. "YOU THERE! GET OVER HERE NOW!" I heard a angry voice shout loudly. Oh no. I was caught. I lifted my head up an inch. An angry soldier beckoned to me. "Girl! Did you throw that?" "No, sir." I said in mock respect inclining my head. "I did not. May I offer you a bandage?" "No, you street vagabond, you may have noticed it hit a place I'd rather not discuss! Now be off with you, get to work!" He stalked off angrily, his nose in the air.
I choked down anger at being treated such.
And it only strengthened my thirst for revenge.


What did you think of that?
Have a nice day!



  1. That was AMAZING Kathryn! I can't wait for more!

    1. Thank you! I post the rest on here after To the End of it All is done. : D

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you like it! As stated above, I may or may not continue it on this blog.

  3. I like it! Keep writing!

  4. Ooh! I would love it if you continued it after To The End Of It All!:D

  5. Oh dang. Ai Solari is going to kick some butt I the near future, I can tell.

  6. We need another chapter. NOW.
    Just kidding... you should only write when you feel inspired. Otherwise, it's a corny mess. ;) I'm sure you know what we mean. :) Anyway, what a cool story! We want to know more about that defiant girl that almost got killed. :D

  7. Thanks so much everyone! I might continue after To the End of it All, I kinda like the way it's going. : D


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