The Legend of You-Episode One

It's the place you visit in your dreams.
The long, staircase.
You've never reached the end, because you wake, sweating.
Although you have a fear of it, curiosity is stronger.
You dive back into the warm dream.
Every time you must walk around a corner, you get a chill that runs up and down your spine. 
Do you dare look?
What if the thing you most dread is waiting in the dark shadows?
You turn the corner.
Relief floods you as you continue walking.
The next corner comes up. 

What do you do next? Will you get caught in the trap of your worst fear? Will you reach the end of the staircase by the time you wake up?

How to Play:

Comment down below and finish the story from your point of view. What do you do? It can be as long or short as you want.

Ex: "I gathered my wits, throwing away doubt, and turned the corner....

(And so on and so forth 'till you finish.)


This is a new idea I thought up today!  I'll give a scenario or story and you finish it with yourself as the main character. Most of these are fantastical creations or things I've thought up, and I think it would be cool to see what you think will happen.

I'm posting this today because I'm busy tomorrow. : )



  1. I kept climbing with thoughts rushing in my head. Would I live if I turned the corner? I must turn the corner. But why? I stop climbing. I stand there staring at the corner right in front of me. I took a deep breath, and climbed to the corner. Nothing happens. I, once again, was relieved. I climbed up and another corner came up. If I did the last two I could do this one right? I turned the corner, and fell in a dark pit. I kept falling down, down, down and never stopped. I was frightened. I didn't know what to do. Was this a bottomless pit? I just kept falling. I was starting to get tired. I fell on a cold, hard, stony ground. I was surrounded in darkness. I could hear nothing, see nothing, do nothing. I just sat there. I felt cold. Wet. Why was I wet? I couldn't put the mystery together. I collapsed on the floor crying. The floor was wet. I didn't understand why it was wet. I stood up and waled around. I fell in another hole on the side. I was about to be sick I was so tired of falling. Down, down, down, SPLASH! I fell in water. I didn't know how to swim. It was dark. I was falling again down deeper in the water. I couldn't feel anything or breathe. I was done. My life was over.

    This was really fun Kathryn! Thanks for making this game up!


    1. That was amazing Hope! Thanks for participating.

    2. Thanks Kathryn! :)


  2. I saw this when you first posted it, but then the story got long, so I had to make some changes... :

    A roar came from up the stairs. Someone is up there, I thought. Startled, I grasped ahold onto the long wooden staircase rail fluffed with dust, which only gave away my presence. My body lurched down in fetal position, to protect myself for whatever malice may have come my way.

    Nothing came. For a few minutes, I stayed like that, heavily panting and trying to recollect my breath. I rose up. My black hair hung low in front of my face, and I push it aside. Sweat trickles down the bridge of my nose and onto my chin. I turn behind me. No one is there. "This is just a dream. I cannot get hurt. W-whatever may be up there can't hurt me." This words spurred out from my mouth, but I know they were failed attempts to soothe my nerves. Nether less, I kept walking.

    I felt my senses all raised and elevated to help carry the intense fear lurching in my chest. I dared not remove the red sneakers on my feet. The action would only bring me folly, for if I were to run outside of thus house, my feet would be sore. 

    My feet reached the final ends of the steps and on the floor was a blue trodden path leading to the door at the other end of the long hallway. The only light available on the floor came from the lantern hanging on a rack near the stairs. With shaky hands, I take the lantern and walk on the hallway.

    Creak, creak. With each step I felt my heart pacing rapidly again, and the blacks of the corridor seemed to swirl and try to inhabit me. The door at the end of the hallway, I realized, was slightly open, and through the cracks of of the opening contained stones of red, blue, green, and yellow. My curiosity spiked. What could these stones mean, or do?

    "Child." My mouth gaped as I turned to see an elderly man. His beard shone of gray and white, and the wrinkles harboring his face expressed deep concern. "Child, you must choose."

    "Ch-ch-choose what?"

    "One of the stones." The old man accompanied me into the room. With a clap of his hands, lights of the stars flourished. Scattered all over the ceiling were constellations of the southern hemisphere. "I wish it would not be this way, but the dream land is counting on you."

    "Counting on me for..." I glanced at the stoned and back at the man, still puzzled. "Saving something in the dream land? Why? What's happened?"

    "Child, you ask so many questions and I promise I will get back to them. What you need to know is this: only the bravest can enter the house. This is a place to test the mind, thus the reason for the violent noises you heard. But in the meantime, you must choose. Hurry! It is a test, and before you know it, you will be--" A violent wind blew the roof open. "It is here. Decide on which stone, but be careful, for once you choose you can never undo the action."

    My hair whipped violently in the wind. Through squinted eyes, I saw the four stones. Choose one, the old man had said. I made my way towards the yellow stone, and slowly I could feel my conscious driving me back up to reality. "Wait!" I screamed. My body took one final attempt to reach for the stone, and it rolled into my grasp. The wind blew and blew and with every passing second, I knew that reality was seeping through the seems of my dreams and I would have to wait another day before I see the continuation of whatever adventure was thrown to me.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Morning, that was amazing! I loved the ending. : )


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