The Legend of You-Episode Two

"Choose carefully child. You only have one choice. Make it the right one."

You have just stumbled upon an old and ancient tree covered with keys of all shapes, sizes, and designs. It was just after a few moments of curiosity that you heard the voice.

"Who are you, and where are you?" You cry out to the quiet and falling snow. 

Silence answers loudly. 

Suddenly a heavy wind blows, ruffling your clothes and hair as well as making the keys swing and clink.

"CHOOSE NOW." a voice yells, crackling.

You close your eyes and rush forward toward the keys...

How to Play:

Comment down below and finish the story from your point of view. What do you do? It can be as long or short as you want.

Ex: "I rushed forward and felt the cold metal of a key touch my shaking fingers..."

And so on and so forth. : )

I'll have an award up later this week! Guys, I have two more essays and then I AM DONE! My last show was today. Yesterday's went better than today's but I certainly had a fun time and cannot wait to take an intensive for ballet this Summer.
BTW, I'm going to Michigan to see my BFF! I am soooo excited. This probably means less posts, but don't worry, I have plenty of ideas for when I'm back in the posting schedule. 

Have a stupendous weekend!



  1. Anonymous9/28/2015

    The wind blew and blew. I rushed forward. There were so many, so many. I looked at one, it was a bronze with a ruby. Another one was gold with a diamond. The wind blew harder. "PICK NOW!" The Voice boomed. I closed my eyes and felt my fingers wrap around the cold metal of one of the hundreds hanging from the weeping willow. The wind stops. I open my eyes. I am grasping onto a simple one. It is black, cold, and rusted. The snow stopped. It is so quiet. No wind blows. I hear a faint whisper. "Take it off child, and enter."
    I pluck the key off the dark, twisted tree and enter a strange land.

    1. That's awesome!


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