To the End of it All~Chapter 6

'Lo everyone,

"Kathryn, the internet is just a click away! Forget that nasty stuff."
"No! I must finish this reading assignment!"
Temptation called as I struggled to finish the end of school year doom.
The war was not yet won.
A week was still left to go before Kathryn became a partially free elf.

BTW, did you know you can get Harry Potter drinks at Starbucks? I got a butterbeer drink with my Harry Potter name on it!  


Haha-yeah guys, I'm busy with school. : D
Don't worry, I can resist temptation when I put my mind to it. XD

Anyway-the next part of our story is ready to read!
It's a tad short, but that's the thing with stories, huh? If you want to end on a certain note, you sometimes have to end early...or late!
Also, I had a bunch written out, decided I didn't like it and deleted it. Ahhhh....the indecisiveness of  a writer. ; D

The day dawned bright and fresh, dew sparkling on the lawn. I opened my eyes, feeling a little less sad then the night before. For, as I have maintained a constant philosophy for, why be sad when you have no need to and it can't be helped? 

After church, my mother still had not mentioned the events of the day before. I took it as a good omen, and later that day, snuck off to visit the boys at our special place in the woods. We lay languidly around, taking in the fresh air and basking in the sun. 
"Sure is nice today, ain't it?" Sam remarked, shredding a leaf absent mindedly.
A  chorus of assent replied. 
Silence continued.
"Bimey, I have a whopper of an idea! Jim shouted at once, making Kenneth jump.
"Wot?" we all cried, startled by his outburst.
"We should sleep out here! Blimey, it would be rich, ey?"
All the boys smiled broadly, shaking their heads in approval.
"Jim, you know mother wouldn't let me." I said, my face downcast. 
"Well....Elsie....y' could sneak out?"
I gave him a withering look.
"Well...maybe we could do it again at a time when your mum was away or somethin' hm?" Nicholas suggested faintly, looking sheepish.
"Yeah, that's right! Couldn't ya?" Jim agreed, nodding.
"Oh, you'd be so willing to have a bit of fun without me, is that right?" I said, getting angry. "You know it's not my fault mother is so strict! She doesn't even know about you all!" I sat up, crossing my arms. 
Pepperpot, settling his glasses on his nose said dolefully, "as much as we like you Elsie, you're not-not..."
"-A boy." Sam finished, looking apologetically. "You're real swell and all but..."
I regretted lashing out at them. Because, if you know anything about boys, you know they simply cannot, no matter how "swell" you are, be one of them. 
The boys looked grimly at each other.
"Go on home, Miss Troth." Sam said, his eyebrows raised.
I did. 



  1. awesome! BTW-I got the harry potter butter beer from Starbucks too!

    1. Thanks! Oh, that's so cool! Did you like it?


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