Death Rides a Train to Bristol

Death Rides a Train to Bristol

Otherwise known as The Peril of Parkinson

A special teaser by Giselle Hawthorne for the readers of Hobbits and Hippogriffs.

"Hello readers,
It is I, G.H. again for Hobbits and Hippogriffs with a dark mystery to tease your minds. Read with caution. For in the end, death is as cool as to ride a train to his destination, the end...of your life, of course. ~Giselle Hawthorne"


July 16th, 1890

My dearest Miranda,

I am writing to you from the train on which I am escaping. After several frightening incidents at Parkinson mansion, I have decided to pack up and move to Bristol. You see, after James died, I never did feel safe in that house. I believe I have made the right choice to leave. I sold the house to a very kind man by the name of Phillip John Bartemeus, a young person looking for a nice house in which to settle down in. I do hope that he will be happy there.
I am getting on in years. You do know I have not much time left. That is why I ask you, humbly, to visit me in Bristol to help me put my affairs aright. Please reply with your answer as soon as possible. My new address is the return address on this envelope. 

Yours Sincerely,

              Ida Rose Emeric

       The elderly woman with the wispy grey hair slipped the letter into the envelope with a sigh of contentment, licking the stamp and placing it upon the paper thin enclosure. She handed it to the postman who walked along the cars calling out with a great roar "SEND IN YER BLOOMIN' MAIL, IT'S A NOT COMIN' FOR A LONG WHILE AGAIN."
      The man took the letter, placing it in his bag and moving on down the car. 
      It was most likely not coincidence that the little frail lady by the name of Ida Rose Emeric happened to find that she had no fellow passengers in the car, quiet save for the clunking of the tracks beneath it. 
It was also, probably not a coincidence when a black cloaked stranger with dark and tall boots(a very common attribute to those sort of people) strolled leisurely in, to do a very unleisurely activity.
Murder in broad daylight. 



  1. I love the ending :)! I can visualize it so clearly, and I love the story setup/plot!

    - Ellie

  2. Wow!...That was awesome, mysterious and creepy! You've officially supplied all the creepiness for the day :) thanks! :)

    1. Merci! Haha, I guess I'm good at presenting creepiness whether I mean to or not, ey? : D


    2. You've got an awesome talent for writing!


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