Fairyland in Reality

Note: The following short story could be potentially scary for some, so please be contentious of this if  you are easily scared. 

       "I thought this was an imaginary-isn't this supposed to be fairyland? Isn't fairyland happy and joyful? Isn't is magical?" The girl blurted out feeble protests and questions, trying to ignore all the hate and suffering in the atmosphere around her.
"Little girl, fairyland is but another parallel of your world. What is in your world is in ours." The harlequin smiled a demonic smile, his lip paint crackling and falling to the ground. The girl opened her mouth wide, about to call out, to wake herself from this nightmare that stopped her breathing and made her stomach tingle. "Don't cry out. You cannot leave until you die." a voice curled around like a cold mist in the greenish-grey sky. The girl closed her eyes. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! She screamed inwardly to herself. She opened her eyes, expecting to see the foot of her bed, to feel the flooding relief of the realization that is was all a dream.  Instead a black executioner stood, silent in front of her. He stayed quiet, but pointed at the girl, then to the rusty axe he held in his hand. The girl ran, over the rolling green hills, blonde hair flowing in the wind and whipping her ears. As she ran, she noticed a dark pool of warm blue water, mermaids swimming blithely through it's depths. The girl however did not stop, but ran and ran until she came to the edge of the woods and could not go any further. She panted, thoughts clouding her straight thinking as sweat dripped down her neck. 
She was going in.
She ran in nightmarish miasma, trampling through branches and crunching on leaves. Evil whispering had started, entwining around her. "YOU SHALL NOT KEEP ME HERE!!!" the girl screamed, batting at imaginary foes with her long and gangly arms. 
"My child, it is your kind which have made this world so." said a voice from an above tree, reaching it's hairy huge arm down for the capture. 


What are your thoughts on the above story? I based it off my nightmares, taking things from dreams I have had over the years and adding a bit of my own imagination. 

P.S. I hope to have the next part of To the End of it All and some awards up this week.


  1. That was so good! And really creepy!

  2. Thanks! And yeah, it is kinda creepy.


  3. I LOVE the idea!

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you, Ellie!


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