To the End of it All~Chapter 7+A Birthday Wish


I don't know if any of you still are interested in this story, but I promised to finish it.


    I turned, my eyes stinging, away from the accusing faces of the boys, kicking up dust in my attempt to swiftly depart without running. Down the lane, past the tall trees, I sped, thinking of how unfair people were. Why? A never ceasing chant of questions buzzed in my mind. I almost didn't notice the small voice calling my name. "Elsie? Elsie! Hullo!" I turned around. There was Annie, sitting in her chair, reading again. I allowed my face to form a half hearted smile as I walked back towards her. "Hullo, Annie." I said, waving slightly. I stepped in at the gate.
"You seem down, you know." She said, matter of factly, raising her eyebrows.
"I-I do?" I said, surprised. I pride myself on hiding my emotions.
"Yes, you do." Annie replied, severely.
"Oh...alright then..." I agreed, awkwardly.
Annie's smile returned. 
"Sit down! I want to talk to you!" 
I obliged, marveling at the girl's sunny attitude. Annie settled herself amongst her blankets more comfortably, and then began her cheerful chatter.
"Fairy tales don't always end happily, I've noticed."
She contracted her eyebrows again, stroking the little velvet covered book.
"Yes, I've noticed that too. Interesting, isn't it?" I said, thinking hard.
We sat in silence thick with mystery.
Our talk was quite random, but pleasant. It's interesting how everyday topics turn wonderful when you are  with a friend.

The days passed, full of a soreness that resulted from losing the boys, but happy because I visited Annie almost every day now. She made me think about things I never thought about, and I do believe it helped me to this day. Along with visiting Annie more, I took up my habit of going to the library regularly, revelling in the wonders that it held. Mother was almost always quiet, and father....well father has always had his own life, in a way. Time flew until we were in the golden season of Fall, leaves painted colorful hues and the air chilly with the expectancy of Winter. The bonfires smote the land with their ashy smell, and many a night I would lie awake just breathing it all in deeply. One day, however, I would be hit with a deep sorrow that would make me rethink all I had built around myself.


Happy Birthday to Tenley who's turning 11-leave birthday wishes below for her. :D Check out her personal blog here.


  1. Loved it! You are so good at writing.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENLEY!! I hope you get one of the dolls you want. :)


  2. Lovely writing <3
    Happy birthday, Tenley!!!

    - Ellie

  3. Amazing Kathryn! You're such a talented writer! Hope your birthday wish comes true! :D

    ~ Rukiya

  4. Awesome chapter! Thanks for the birthday wishes. ^-^ The image was adorable.


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