Childhood and I

"Don't leave me!" I call to Childhood, already walking slowly away.
"I have to go now."  Childhood sighs as my voice wavers.
"Don't leave me! I need you! My life won't be the same..." I trail off as I dissolve into salty streams of tears, wiping my nose on the back of my hand.
Childhood puts down it's small bag, smoothing the clothes that were once all colors of the rainbow, now a light grey tinged with purple. 
"I must leave everyone at one point or another, child. It is the way." Childhood smiles, patting me on the shoulder.
"I will see you again someday perhaps...but for now, I must go rest. I have had a busy life, you know, and I am growing old. It is time to retire."
I sniff again and wave as the blurry mist of Childhood flies away with the wind.


"Oh dear..." I sigh as I strain my back to pick up the small doll my granddaughter has thrown to the floor in her rush to catch fireflies outside. 
I smile into the doll's faded face, grinning jovially through the years unrelentlessly. It's a warm Summer night and I hear magic whispering to me. Fuzzy memories seem to surround me, yet I cannot remember a thing. 
The doll seems to grin even more widely towards me.
I see Childhood has hobbled into the room, now on a little wooden cane. It looks tired, yet it still has the twinkle in it's eye, the one that makes you want to play, to run, to laugh. 
"Hello again."

I smile as I lay the doll on the couch.


That's the funny thing about what I write. I write what I feel, but it never seems as deep and pungent on screen. Nonetheless, I leave you to interpret what you think this poem is mainly about, and what it has to do with your life. : D

28. What's your guilty pleasure? 
Junk food. : /

29. What's your favorite time of the year any why?
I can't pick just one. There are so many amazing holidays and atmospheres as we go through the year.

Have a good night or day, depending upon where you reside. : )


    The title is perfect.
    I love how you personified Childhood.
    Great job!

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you Ellie, that means alot to me. : )

  2. Oh yes.
    If that wasn't deep and pungent, I don't know what is.
    Personification of concepts and feelings seems like a very effective way of portraying your idea. It makes the feelings easier to understand and almost magical. You did it so brilliantly.
    This story has a kind of sad but hopeful vibe. I like that childhood comes back in the end. (I also think that sometimes there are little bits of childhood that never leave us.)

    I think we're stuck in the same junk food boat here.

    1. Thanks, Gwen!
      Oh dear, chips, and cookies, and....oh great now I'm hungry.

  3. oh my goodness. wow. that WAS amazing. like honestly, i've been mulling over the very thing the past few days. childhood comes, puts us in bliss, and then dances away with the wind. and this post totally made that come to life. the way you used "childhood" as a person, and everything...ahh...that was soo good.

    1. Thanks, Autumn. : )

  4. I just cried. I cried. You made me cry. You are an amazing writer if you can do that.


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