Come With Me

Come with me, to sand and sea, to forests deep and green. 
I know every place around, many things have I seen. 
Trouble and toil, sadness and grief, I beg you come away.
If you fear your homeland loss, we will come back another day. 
Now come with me, to kingdom majestic, to oceans deep and blue.
What a good feeling it is to start your life anew.

I cannot come with you dear sir, I cannot run astray.
I must stay here forever, under moon and sun ray. 
The only way I can escape, escape this small little rook.
Is hiding away in a wonderful thing, here known as a book.

Farewell dear, lady, I know your ways, I wish you would change your mind.
But until that glorious day, I must go to change mankind. 
Vale! Adieu! I hope to see you soon.
Sailing by as I do, past the silver moon. 



13. Do you have any regrets? I do have a few regrets. I shan't disclose them here, but I assure you, they are rather stupid. XD

P.S. I think I might try to draw Luna Lovegood as she is depicted in the book, not in the movie. Any ideas? 


  1. That is a pretty poem! Good work. Yes, an accurate picture of Luna Lovegood would be appreciated! :)


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