Happy Fourth of July

Once upon a  golden day.
Men lay their bloody weapons down.
Peace was not too far away.
And there was joy in every colonist town.
The red coats went, battle worn,
through the cheering mass.
Their faces dirty, clothes torn.
Hearing giggles from the American lass.
The glorious document was done.
Freedom seemed sealed forever. 
Children shouted with great fun.
They had found a wonderful treasure.
Time went bye, the country did change.
For better and for worse.
Laws the officials did arrange. 
Freedom went by in the hearse.
Oh Freedom! Thou art leaving this place.
They dost changing your meaning.
Preserve our American grace.
Your name they are demeaning. 
Aid, us, King on high.
We know you will in time.
As we watch the lights in the sky.
We love our country sublime.

Have a lovely day. : )


3. What makes you happy? The hope of change, a quiet sunny morning with birds chirping, a book waiting to be read, and a cup of warm tea or coffee. 


  1. beautiful prose <3 happy fourth of july to you too :)

  2. Hey Kathryn! An amazing poem!


    ~ Rukiya

  3. Thank you, Autumn and Rukiya. : ) You too!


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