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In today's society we seem to have two types of girls, things girls seem to think about their same sex. 

The two "groups":

a. tomboy//band lover//sporty//scorner of pink
b. girly girl//social//singer lover//STARBUCKS GURRRRLLL

Neither of these loose descriptions are completely true. 

First of all everyone is unique. I don't care what anyone says otherwise. For instance, I'm neither a girly girl nor a tomboy. I love to play sports, I hate pink, yet I enjoy fashion and I don't like getting dirty. I like bands more than singers, but occasionally I'll listen to a singer.
  Human beings are complex and amazing things. 

I often notice that  girls who consider themselves to be in the first group(a.), scorn the girly girl. If you like pink, cute animals, or have a crush on a male singer or something  like that you're automatically lame and lack depth or personality. I mean that's just not cool, right?

The next group(b.) seems to think that if you're a tomboy you're immature. You are kinda weird. Why play sports when you could be doing something more relaxing with your friends? The boys seem to like the meeker woman, am I right?

You don't belong to any of the groups society or anyone puts you into. You're you.

I once read on a doll blog a notice saying "Today I bring you a photoshoot with a blonde doll and a rainbow/pink background. *Hides behind pillow fort*"

That person must have felt pretty bad they couldn't share what they did without making an apology or something. 

Whether you like pink or blue, whether you'd rather play tennis or go to the mall, you are unique and there is only one you in the world. Show off who you are and let people know you.

Don't try to like pink and design cute outfits if you don't like them.

Don't go out and play sports if you'd rather talk with your bff over coffee.

Be yourself.


19. List 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why.

(I have a lot more then 5 XD)

This blog is great for anyone who loves dolls and I like how friendly Tenley is. She also posts quite often which I find nice.

Celia has so much talent and is always posting something new and fun on her blog. She's also a talented designer. 

Anna's posts are always interesting and I can tell she puts a lot of thought into them. I also love her design!

Tolkien, dolls, and quality writing? Yes please! Ellie shares her interests in a genuine and open way. BTW, she's becoming a Harry Potter fan...not that that means anything. *hides all HP merchandise.*

Syddie wins my vote for best doll photography! I love all the thought she puts into her photos. 


  1. Stereotypes are such horrible things. As if anyone could fit into a specific mold, or category. Yeah, I like bands, and don't really care for dresses, but I also find pink a gorgeous color, and like some "girly" things. Not to mention I've got a long, lovely list of musician crushes.
    Society really amuses me sometimes. With all it's expectations, and molds; I wonder if people will ever realize that nobody can fit into one, lone category.
    xo Adi

    1. Stereotypes, as I continue to delve deeper into history, have always been present. It's a sad thing.
      Hopefully we all can come to the realization that the unknown is not always to be shunned.

  2. I think I'd fit better into "girly girl", but I'm not in anyway social.
    Stereotypes are awful. If I say I like to read, most people automatically think I'm some sort of nerd... Which is also a horrible stereotype. If we went by groups like "girly girl" or "tomboy", than we'd have to have a different group for every human being on this planet.

    1. Excellent commentary!

  3. Great post! Loved what you said. So true.

    btw I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog. :D

    1. Thank you! I'll get the award up soon. : )

    Also thank you so much for putting my blog up there!! :) It means a ton.

    - Ellie

    1. Thanks, Ellie!

  5. What you said is so true! :) stereotypes are awful, and they force you into a cage of stuff you hate. I could be described as a girly girl. I like pink, dresses, jewelry, shopping, and everything girly. But it's not like I want to be given the title girly girl! Can you check out my blog?

    1. Thanks Bella. I think few people ever want a label. ; /
      I'll check out your blog.

  6. Yeah, sometimes it's hard for me to have female friends because I don't really fit into either category. I like going to the mall but I hate to talk about boys; I like watching basketball and maybe playing sports video games but I'm not deep into sports and I definitely don't want to play. So it's hard to find the right group of people to hang with, as there's always going to be something that I disagree with.

    Is there maybe a fangirl section that I can be in...? Because I'd rock that squad

    O | Life as a Young Lady


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