Random Questions


Looking at this GIF makes me very jealous because my fouettes are cruddy.


You see if I don't.

Because I don't have any spectacular post ideas as of now, I thought I'd ask you all some random questions. Answer in the comments if you like!


1. What do you think about before you go to bed?

I think about all sorts of things. Some thoughts:

"No. NO! I just got comfortable and now I need to use the privy."

"I wish I had a theraband attached to my ceiling so I could stretch while laying down."

"Why do I always think about Dobby in bed?"


"I regret that very stupid thing I did when I was 7."

2. How would you describe me if you were an author?

I'll try to do ya'll in the comments. I probably won't be accurate as I only read your blogs and don't know you well.

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

Junk food. Eeks.

4. Favorite book on a rainy day?


5. Favorite book on a weekend?

The Hobbit or LOTR

6. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?

Most likely struggling over a story I'm writing while eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh and I'm living in a mansion in England! : D 

7. Favorite book character who changes through the story?

Well Boromir doesn't really change throughout the book, but he has an AMAZING redemption story and portrays human nature well.

8. Book character you're most like?

Luna Lovegood with a tad of Jo as well as a bit o' Hermione. 

9. Books character you hate?


10. Favorite TV show?

I mainly watch movies, but I love Doctor Who.

11. Hobbies?

Painting, scrapbooking, reading, ballet, doll photography, blogging, designing....can I stop now?

12. What do you think about when you see the word or number "Twelve?"

I think about midnight at an eery graveyard or someone shouting "MIDNIGHT"  in a solemn voice while playing ghost in the graveyard.


22. What do you do when you're home alone? Listen to music, clean, or dress my dolls. 

23. See random question 11.

Have a nice day.


  1. OOOH your new design by Morning is AMAZING <3 it's just simply beautiful.
    and i loved learning a little more about you. haha, i'm kinda like you before i got to bed. the most embarrassing and stupidest things you ever did must think that's a great time to resurface on my memory then. UGH >_<

  2. oh, and for the "how would you describe me if you were an author"...how would you describe me, may i ask? ^_^

    1. "She was a thoughtful girl who believed in what was right, and made her opinions known. Color flooded her life as she was constantly trying to battle the grey."
      I don't know you well, that's just from the comments you've left on here+your blog. : )

  3. OOOH how would you describe me?
    I love what the page bar thing (with "button swap" and "home" and stuff written on it) does when you roll over it!
    I too think often about having to go to the bathroom and cringe moments from my childhood.

    - Ellie

    1. "A lover of the great power known as words, the girl was constantly coming up with new ideas and thoughts, journeying through her life with wonder."

  4. I think about all kinds of things. Stuff from "what should I post on my blog" to "what do I want for breakfast". LOL

    I like to take photos, sing, write, and read. :)

    How would you describe me?

    I would describe you as a very BIG fan of the Hobbit and LOTR.


    1. "Hope was a sensible one-but never was there more dedication and and creativity put into work. Friendly and trustworthy, everyone enjoyed knowing her."

  5. What do you think about before you go to bed? All the responsibilities I have and how life is just depicted as a fleeting race for money and I'll die without leaving my mark or making an impression on anyone or telling anyone about Christ and how my talents are slowly fading and soon all I'll be able to do is recite Twenty One Pilots lyrics and lines from Marvel movies with deadly accuracy and...yeah. As you can see, "before bedtime" is really my "mental-rant-and-panic-hour".

    How would you describe me if you were an author? I have no clue; I haven't been following you very long so I probably would just be like "She was a girl. A girl with dreams. A girl with dance in her heart, wistful words on the tips of her fingers, and galaxies in her mind." (I just got that last part part because of your previous sidebar picture haha)

    What is your guilty pleasure? Psst...I like to pretend that I'm over the Hunger Games cast, but sometimes I backslide and watch their interviews and afterward have to walk in circles in the middle of the room to calm myself. Gosh, I'm so chill *sarcasm*

    Favorite book on a rainy day? Been loving reading The Chronicles of Narnia, and, of course, the Bible.

    Favorite book on a weekend? On the weekend I'm usually watching band interviews and Netflix, so I rarely read then.

    Where do you think you'll be in 10 years? I'd like to be living in a simple, small, but beautifully decorated modern apartment, but if I keep living my life the way I am now, I'll be lucky to be living under a bridge in ten years.

    Favorite book character who changes through the story? I always thought President Coin from Mockingjay was interesting--I would describe the way she changes but that'd be a spoiler for those who haven't read.

    Book character you're most like? Whatever book character sleeps a lot, eats a lot, can recognize a song within three seconds of its playing, watches Netflix as a hobby, is literally sarcastic 24/7, and complains about every single aspect of life--that is me.

    Books character you hate? I always thought Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events was super scary and, like, unkillable (I know that isn't a word but) and Teresa from Maze Runner series is just a horrible liar blechhh.

    Favorite TV show? So many--Psych, The Office, Criminal Minds, Parks and Rec..the list goes on and on.

    Hobbies? Sleeping. Eating. Watching. Off-key whisper-singing. Worrying. Trolling. Occasionally writing. Semi-occasionally blogging. Complaining.

    What do you think about when you see the word or number "Twelve?" I think of an awesome year in my life (seventh grade) when I thought school was pretty awesome, I was still socially confident and had friends, and was just a chill and happy person. Now...I am this. *soft crying*

    That was so long and I don't know if that's what you meant by "answer in the comments" but oh well haha

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. I love your answers. ; )

  6. I love your new blog design:)
    THOSE FOUETTES MAN! I can barely do them on pointe. Flat is ok tho.
    I mostly just fall asleep...
    *Cave man grunts* Me like sleep.

    1. Thanks!
      Mine are mediocre, even on flat.

  7. Hello! :) We nominated you for an award on our blog, please come and check it out!

  8. I LOVE THE GIF! I'm ALWAYS doing fouettes and I think I can do them properly now. I learnt without a teacher as well! Great post Kathryn!

    ~ Rukiya

    1. I found it on Pinterest! Fouettes are soooo fun. I taught myself as well because my ballet school teaches them pretty late in the game.

  9. I am having a summer photo contest on my blog! I would love if you could check it out! here is the link:

    -Elly <3

    1. Okay, I think I will enter. Thanks!


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