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I think it's very interesting how society has changed through time, especially in America, where I live. As a history loving person I like to compare and contrast present and past. <<You better have sung that. 
I know this is primarily a writing blog, but I enjoy debating and historical writing, and you might find some of it interesting if you're into that sort of thing. Feel free to debate in the comments, but please keep the talk nice. Also, please make sure you understand the topic before you start talking.
 : ) Thanks. 

Here are some things I've noticed are present as of 2015. Please note these do not apply to everyone, and are mere observations that are meant to condemn no one. Also this is from an American point of view, and there is some references to our county's history. 

1. We talk of freedom, but is there true freedom?

We seem to have a pretty twisted sense of freedom. Some examples:

~In the recent allowances made gay marriage, churches are forced to celebrate masses or services for the "couple." This is violating Amendment One in the Bill of Rights which clearly states "freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petitions." I don't believe that churches who believe that homosexuality is wrong should be forced to celebrate it, as this is violating their religious freedom. 

~Firearms are being discouraged and banned. In Amendment Two we are given right to bear arms. Why should the American family carry a firearm if it wishes? It provides protection against people who would wish to harm it. If guns were able to protect us so we could build this country,  I think we should have them so we don't fall.

~Abortion is legal, even encouraged, widely. What is abortion, exactly? It is when parents decide they don't want to or can't raise their future child. They will kill a child that has no voice of it's own, because it is deemed "not human."  
Now I can't back this up with an amendment, but I not only believe it is wrong, but it is wrong to support it. Most parents end up regretting their abortions. There was also some recent evidence of a terrible thing happening at Planned Parenthood-something the parents didn't even sign up for. Aborted children can be tested on to further promote abortion procedures and advance what they call "science." I can tell you this, this is brutally dishonest to parents. Sounds like something out of The Giver, huh? Maybe it's showing dystopian society is becoming our society, in a way. 

2. We have a funny way of fitting things just right to our needs.

I've been to a few rallies in my time(pshhh not many) but in today's media and conversation, I notice something.

If someone is encouraging someone not to make a bad choice they're pinned as "getting in the way." of the opposing party's happiness.

If someone chooses not to use foul language or what they deem as foul language, they're pinned as goody good.

If someone refuses to take part in an activity that they don't believe in...well let's just say it doesn't end too pleasantly for him.

The main point is, people talk of freedom, yet they refuse to give others freedom. If the man who supports homosexuality dams the man who doesn't, really he's going against his "quest for freeedom."


It was hard to me to write this article neutrally. I'd like ya'll to know though, I think that some Christians condemn, but I personally think conversion is a better way. Sure, tell the man he's wrong, but he doesn't even get what the problem is! So if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to answer them as best I can.


27. List three online friends you've never met in real life but hope to soon.  

I don't really claim to be awesome online friends with the following people, but I'd like to meet them and discuss blogging and such!




Have a nice day. 


  1. Personally I believe abortion is a matter that is somewhere between good and bad. I don't believe in those who do it just to do it because they've decided they don't want to give birth; but I see it as something that should be available for instances in which a person has been raped, etc. There's a certain point to at which I think a line must be drawn. If the unborn child has developed a heartbeat, I think abortion should be an off-limits option
    As for churches celebrating gay marriage-- I don't see why they would be forced to, nor have I heard/read anything about that happening. I believe most churches state from the beginning whether or not they'll marry a gay couple on their grounds or not. Religious freedom as a whole is a tricky thing There will always be those who think their way should be everyone's way; and appealing to everyone is a hard thing to do. Look at how long it took us to get to legal same-sex marriage.
    xo Adi

    1. Thank you for your opinion. : )

    2. i agree with adi--i believe that under certain circumstances, abortion is understandable. also with the "if the unborn child has developed a heartbeat, abortion should be an off-limits option." that's basically all i have to say on the matter.
      again, agreeing with adi, i have yet to hear of a church being forced into "celebrating gay marriage". sure, it's legal now, but that doesn't mean that every single church out there has to welcome same-sex couples onto their grounds. there are plenty of churches that are happy to marry a gay couple, so really, not every church is needed.
      as for the firearms controversy, i believe that only those who go through specific background checks and such should be allowed to carry a gun with them, only because of all the shootings we hear about. if anyone is allowed to carry a gun, then all the people who do wish others harm have access to firearms. if people who own it for the sake of protection find themself being attacked by a wrong-doer, they could easily open fire as well, and that would just result in more people getting hurt and more danger to others. just my opinion.

    3. I agree with you on the firearms count-I was thinking about that as I made this post. I think that for domestic protection they are alright, but if you have a spotty track record it's a good idea to clarify eveything. As for never hearing about churches being forced to celebrate gay marriage, I just recently found that out.

    4. I agree about firearms - I also think that ordinary citizens shouldn't regularly be allowed to carry machine guns.
      I agree that freedom is being squashed. In my personal opinion, everyone should be allowed to do anything they want AS LONG AS it doesn't interfere with other people doing whatever they want. For example: I believe that people have a right to not support abortion, but they DON'T have a write to deny abortion to other people.
      Personally, on the subject of abortion, I believe sometimes, although it's never a good thing, it can be the best choice (or a necessary one), mainly in cases of child trafficking and abuse. That said, I definitely see your point that everyone should have a chance at living - and in an ideal world, I hope everyone could. Plus, aborted children being tested on is definitely not okay if they don't have the parents' consent. If they do, it's still a dicey matter.
      Furthermore, I believe that even if a woman is using abortion or birth control in a way I don't agree with, I have no right to stop her, because it's her body and her life. I also think that abortion is all right at any point in the pregnancy, but earlier is better - however, if for some reason you can't get access to abortion until they're well along in their pregnancy, I personally believe it's still okay to get it.
      I think it's FANTASTIC that you wrote this post, Kathryn! It takes a lot of courage to post your opinions on controversial matters, and I really commend you for this. Awesome job!

      - Ellie

    5. This is all very well written Kathryn, thank you!
      About abortion, I understand there being tricky situations where some people think that they have no option but to have an abortion. But as far as observational science is concerned, human life begins at conception. That little unborn baby has life and soul. Research shows that at just forty days of conception, brainwaves can be detected. That baby is thinking! It is human. Taking his or her life away from him or her is not fair. It is murder.
      Lots of girls and women who get pregnant against their will or accidentally are scared, and think they have to abort their baby. That's why I'm thankful for organizations like SCV Pregnacy Center. They provide free ultrasounds, support, and counseling to these ladies. More often than not, the women and girls are amazed at the little baby forming inside of them, and decide not to abort. They either keep the baby or put it up for adoption. I think that this is the better route than just killing the baby.
      Thanks for listening to my opinion!


  2. Wow, girl, can i just give you a pat on the back for getting the guts to write this post? This is amazing, and actually, I honestly agree with you. i mean, for abortion, honestly, that child was formed by who? God. and even if it didn't have a heartbeat yet, would it not be human in a while? I don't know...but it certainly does seem as if America's been pushing down a little more lately on freedom. I know gay marriage is now legal, and I'm not gonna go start judging people. It's their life, they have all the rights to live it however they want.

  3. comment got cut off...Hmm. But yeah, I'm pretty sure what I was about to say was that it's not my place to judge people and they may live just how they please, but that should apply to everyone too. And about firearms, i live in a community where hunting is quite widespread, so quite a lot of people have guns. However, these people would never take the gun out on a person I hope...They've built a trust, and to ruin would bring them shame. But I still think that it's not good if they're too too common, especially in the hands of some people. And I'm not trying to be prejudiced there, as long as there's not a whole lot around, it's okay. But for some if it's their way of living and that's where they get meat for their families, it might be okay. I don't know ^_^
    But thanks for hearing me out <3

  4. You know what would be cool? If guns had the same software in their handles or triggers that iPhones do on the home button. it could recognize your fingerprints and not fire if someone else picked it up. So now kids can't play with it and accidentally hurt themselves, and the crazy guy who lives down the street and dosent have a proper background check to own a gun can't steal yours and go kill people with it.
    Do you have a source for churches being forced to celebrate gay marriage? It dosen't sound right for the state to tell the church what to do, and I want to research that myself now.
    Abortion is an interesting topic. Adopting is a great way to let everyone live, but I think of the nine months in between. If a woman has been raped, her body taken advantage of, it is a very serious thing, as I'm sure you already know. And then, when I imagine a world without abortion as an option, the woman mentioned before is forced to carry a child she was forced to conceive. We were already worried a little bit ago about some churches being forced to celebrate gay marriage, and I'm sure we're still worried about forcing people to do things now. But abortion is an option. Some would consider it a brave and noble sacrafice to go through with the pregnancy and give life to a child they didn't want, while others may say that telling a woman what she can and can't do with her body is wrong, and that no one should be forced to carry a child they didn't want to make in the first place.
    I'm so impressed with everyone on here. Look at us, being tactful and stating our opinions. I'm proud.


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