Why Denethor is Important


Most people that I talk about The Lord of the Rings with dismiss Denethor, Steward of Gondor as a crazy and unsavory man, someone to add extra confrontation to the story. No big significance other then raising tension, right?

Look at him long enough and you'll start to feel uncomfortable.

Not really. Here are some reason why I think Denethor holds significance in the story, as well as why Tolkien may have written him into the plotline.

1. He signifies despair.

Denethor has lost much and fears losing more-all this is driving him crazy. He's letting the circumstance control him instead of adapting to things that can't change, or can only be changed by hard work and strength. I'm sorry Denny, but people who mope give up hope. 

2. There are people who give up, even in Middle Earth.

My definition of suicide is giving up. A person is fed up with life and feels like they can't carry on. So they will kill themselves as they think that will give them happiness. Now it's not like I've discussed the matter over coffee with people who've had experience with this choice, but I believe they're not as happy as they thought. 

3. Denethor affects others around him negatively, all because his life seems dark.

Denethor acts like he's the only one with the real suffering. Well, I can tell you this, that's not true. Not only is Denethor giving up, he's burdening others around him. Sorry, I hate people like that. They're regular Moaning Myrtles. 


Tolkein shows how decrepit Denethor is now, willing to kill his remaining son. 

5. He accuses Gandalf of getting in the way of his ruling, as he is a "free ruler." 

How often we see this today. People accusing others of stopping their happiness, of "raining on their parade." of  encouraging them to stop  making a sinful choice. I believe Tolkien was trying to make a point here, and even today, many years after the book was published, we can see it happening. I absolutely love the truth in this part. 

What are your opinions on Denethor? 

17. Why and when did you start blogging? I started my doll blog June 17th, 2014 because I wanted to share my love of dolls and interact with other doll lovers. Now I blog about all sorts of things, and find it very satisfying. 

18. Where are you happiest? I love my room, alone with a book and coffee, maybe some music. I also love getting together with my friends, so where we're congregating, I'm happy. 


  1. Awesome post! Super thought-provoking. I've always kind of hated and loved Denethor at the same time, you know? Hated him because he is so despicable, but loved him because he's so interesting.

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you, Ellie! Yes, he's a pretty awesome addition to the story and gave me a lot to think about.



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