The beginning is crystal clear, new. A fresh piece of paper. It's full of wonder, curiosity, and exploration. It's the color of green and yellow with brown on the edges. A breath of fresh air coming through an open cottage window surrounds the whole thing.

The middle is a dark road, the kind of road you read about in fairytales where there is an eery sense to it. Even through all this, sunlight seems to push through all the blackness so it can shine upon the creation. It's mysterious, like coffee on a dreary morning. 

The end of the road is what we dread and welcome at the same time. The end of the journey is an accomplishment, if you've traveled on the light side of the road. It seems to be a combination of holidays and tears, tears of sadness and happiness. It's been a long road to travel, but worth it just the same.


Don't know exactly what this was. XD

I found the pictures on Pinterest and they make me happy. : )
 Forests are wonderful things(I may or may not be a nature fairy.)

Have a nice day!


  1. beautiful, as usual. <3

    - Ellie

    1. Aww, thanks Ellie. <3

  2. Goodness, I just adore this. You personified the length of a journey into a thing I could practically feel and hear and see and even smell (the coffee was a nice touch - made me think of an exhausted student pulling an all-nighter xD). Fantastic job. <3

  3. ya thats really pretty

  4. Absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing writer.

  5. I love forests too! They totally inspire me!:)

  6. Kathryn...I love this!


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