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Just a while ago Tenley commented on here asking if I wanted to do her  contest. I love writing(wow you didn't know that) so of course I thought it would be a fun opportunity!

Here is the prompt I picked. This scene is based off of a story I am writing, only the story is in the third person, and this particular piece is first person narrative.


The Aqualimalus Forest. It was the strangest forest on earth, if you could call it a  forest at all. More a heart stopping, evil gathering, realm of doom. The trees were submersed in water 1/3 of the way up their trunks, so all who dared enter must swim. Creatures of unsurpassed strangeness lurked there, as well as other horrible things.

Then why was I about to plunge into its depths? Why was I standing, trembling, just outside it's borders?

I had not chosen to be a Dream Keeper's apprentice out of my free will. I was chosen by the One, the one and only Dream Keeper until his long life would end. He could sense the end drawing near, so of course he must pick someone to carry on his work of collecting every dream of man ever dreamt. But first, to prove myself, I must do several tasks.
One was going through this forest, and getting out on the other side. Alive. 

Taking a deep breath I took off my shoes, then my shirt. I must be weighed down as little as possible.

Then I dove.

The water was pleasantly warm, and I swam effortlessly. It was quiet save for the tweeting of unknown birds. My mind wandered...what would there be that could be of any danger? It seemed almost calm here.
Swish...swish...through...the...water. It was rhythmic and soothing. 

My heart beat loudly and I stopped, frozen. As I started to sink I remembered and began to swim again.

I saw a deep teal fin cut crisply and slowly through the water. I tried to be as quiet as possible.
Then it struck.
The shark clenched it's sharp and crushing jaws on my wrist. I screamed loudly as I tried to hit it on the nose and wrench my arm away.
Not hard enough.
Not enough leverage.
I gathered up all my strength refusing to look at the blood in the water.
He was stunned for a moment. I swam as fast as I could, lungs burning, thigh muscles numb.
I was almost there. A bloody trail followed me, and I could hear more sharks following, waiting for the attack.
Then the water got black. It was no longer the warm, tropical turquoise.
It stung. And burned. I yelled my lungs hoarse as the hot electric currents pulsed through my body. I must stay strong and I must not let it break me. I must carry the dreams.
Suddenly the pain was gone.
And the mossy shore was there.
I clambered out as best I could with a cut wrist. I knew that that was not all the dreaded forest kept, and I never wanted to go in again. 
The Dream Keeper smiled, nodding his head. His soft white hair blew in the breeze as his eyes sparkled. He was satisfied.

Have a nice day!


  1. Oooooooo! I love the ending! Great job Kathryn!

    1. Thank you. : )

  2. Awesome ending! I also like the part about the black water.

    - Ellie

  3. really cool piece of writing


  4. wow, that was something! great job!


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