The Mirror~Writing Prompt Contest Entry


Ellie over at On the Other Side of Reality is holding a writing prompt contest. Do check it out!
I can't wait to see all my fellow writers' entries.

I stared into the mirror, hopeless thoughts tugging at my heart.
Why wasn't I beautiful? Why was my hair so frizzy, no matter how many times I brushed it? Why were my teeth perpetually crooked and why did blemishes constantly adorn my face despite my diligent washing?
I was tired of it all. Attempting to beautify myself to no avail.
Then I heard the deep guttural voice resound from the mirror.
"You're not ugly...and yes, I know what you were thinking."
I looked into the mirror. "I am ugly. You're wrong."
The mirror was silent for a moment. "I am a piece of glass. I do not make you ugly nor beautiful. What you see is in your heart. What you see is what you choose to be. No human being is ugly, no matter how grizzled the hair, yellow the teeth, misshapen the body-"
"JUST SHUT UP!" I yelled at the mirror drawing back from it. 
"What? Do you reject my telling the truth, telling you that you are beautiful? You would be more beautiful if you did not think ugly thoughts."
I scowled. "You would think ugly thoughts too if you were as horrid as me."
The mirror was silent yet again. I felt an aura of sadness fill the air, as if the mirror, surrounded with its ornate wooden carvings, was sighing.
"I am not a pair of heavenly eyeglasses. I cannot make you See. Few have the heavenly eyeglasses."
"Where can I get these...heavenly eyeglasses?" I was curious, wondering what the mirror meant by Seeing. 
But the mirror had ended its conversation. All that was left of life was the silver tear streaking silently down from the top right hand corner. It strode resolutely down before dripping and disappearing onto the floor.


Years passed, and I never spoke to the mirror again. I realized, slowly and hesitantly, that what is ugly or plain in appearance can  be made beautiful if the thing is good. You just have to put on your heavenly eyeglasses.
From time to time my heavenly eyeglasses get a bit dirty. It's sometimes hard to see the good or beauty in something. But sometimes if you squint and try really and truly, you'll find it's not as hard as you think.



  1. You are just such an amazing author!

    1. Awww thanks dear!

  2. I love the ending, darling. <3 Beautiful piece!

    - Ellie

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Tenley!

  4. I really like your entry! I entered too. I also entered a scholastic contest once, but I didn't win.

    Thank you for looking at my blog!

    1. Thank you! I wish you luck. : )


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