Dance Chat with Rukiya Spencer


Rukiya from Shine 'N' Elevate and I are swapping dance chats! Today I'll be asking Rukiya some questions about her dance journey, and Rukiya will share her experience.

Hey Rukiya! To start off, how did you get into dancing? How long have you been doing it?

Hey Kathryn!! So I've actually been dancing for almost 2 years now. I started last year in late December! The hit Lifetime show Dance Moms actually inspired me to be a dancer!

How many types of dance do you take? What are they?

I actually only take one dance class at the moment, which is ballet. However I took jazz classes for a while. There is a ballet dance company I'm going to soon and they said that if I'm strong enough I can take pointe classes!! My favourite type of dance is lyrical, which hopefully I can learn as soon as possible!

What do you do after a bad class? How do you feel after a good one?

Hmm...After a bad class (which I hate to have) I usually just keep myself to myself, usually I cry because dance is really important to me. After a good one! I'm happy!!

Is there any famous dancer you look up to? Why?

Oh yes! Misty Copeland and Michaela De Prince. Misty Copeland most certainly because she started ballet at 13 and became EXTREMELY successful! She won competitions, and even beat people who had been training for over a decade!! Michaela De Prince because she was an orphan in Africa, went through SUCH a hard time...AND STILL BECAME SUCCESSFUL!

Do you have any advice to share with other dancers?

Well...I haven't been doing dance for that long....But I do have some advice. NEVER GIVE UP! ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST, and most importantly PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE!

And a fun question: If you could automatically improve in anything dance related at this very moment, which one thing would it be?

DEFINITELY to achieve the middle and left splits!!

Heres a little GIF from Rukiya! (I'm over here being very very jealous of these turns.)


I suggested that me and Kathryn both wrote letters to our inspiration, MISTY COPELAND! So we went ahead and done that, and SENT IT TO HER THROUGH HER WEBSITE TOO :D

Dear Misty Copeland,

I've wanted to be a dancer since I was about 11, I'm twelve now and still do. Dance is my escape, whenever I'm having a bad day, a pirouette would make me as good as new. You are my inspiration, whenever I feel down and feel like I haven't got what it takes, a video of you on youtube would cheer me up instantly. You're amazing, starting at 13 years old and still starting ballet as a professional career in the future. When I was eleven, I took jazz lessons for about a year, then in December 2014 I took ballet lessons, the school let me take grade 4 classes. Yes, at the beginning I guess it was a little hard, but I got used to it in no time! I hope you reply, are there any tips you'd give me?

Thanks Misty Copeland

Rukiya :)

Thank you, Rukiya! 

No problem Kathryn! ;)

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