DIY Cat Ears

Today I'm going to be showing you how I made some cat ears for my cat costume(don't worry I'm still being Luna Lovegood, this is just for ballet class!)

*this is my first diy and I am not gifted with the art of crafting, so please excuse any imperfections*


•Black felt
•Pink felt
•Fabric scissors
•Hot glue gun
(mine was a cheap one covered with fabric, but the fabric got gross so I took it off.)

Step One:

Cover your headband with a strip of black felt.  You can trim off any uneven ends later.

Step Two:

Cut two triangles of felt, one bigger black one, and a smaller pink one. It's up to you how big you want the ears to be.

Step Three:

Glue the ears onto the headband, gluing front and back so that they stay upright. It looks a little messy now, but you'll clean it up in  bit!

Step Four:

Trim any uneven pieces off the headband and ears, gluing anything that needs extra fastening.

Step Five:

Walk the CATwalk!

(Ow that was really bad, sorry.)


I'll show you the full costume tomorrow!

Have a nice day.


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