Slow Down

Read quickly:

She walked quickly through each day.
She strove, strove very hard to be the
She'd never tasted the warm golden afternoon, she'd never watched the sun rise-
-in her adult life but in childhood blur long forgotten, she saw it through childish eyes.

Read slowly:

Cramps in her sides bit at her as she broke into the run.
She never ever did remember a single night of fun.
Now 'tis too late, she's lukewarm in her grave.
I beg you dear, your memories many to save.
Our time is a short thing.

*this was a really weird poem I wrote two months ago*


  1. Gorgeous <3 i love it!

  2. Love love loved this (sorry, would of said more but I literally have no words).

    I literally JUST commented on your 'calling all dancers' post, good idea Kathryn :D


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