You Do Not Remember

Once upon a time, when I was very young
I had golden memories that came true.
Just as they were awakening from the depths of my mind, coming into new light
They became even more splendid, in joy unfathomable.
Then a year came, this was the one
Where everything did come undone.
All the carefully tied knots were snipped
With the sharp scissors of Change, a cruel old soul.
I looked upon swift flying time and was not happy with what I saw.
Now it is drawing time to the event which all children yearn for all year 'round.
But Change has trampled that as well, sweeping away the memories that only have a thin layer of dust. 
Turn off the sounds of a year ago, they only bring an emptiness that cannot be filled
A hunger for the past.
Do not unfold the sacred things which I once hastily handled.
You do not hold them in the right spirit.
You do not remember.


This is a poem I didn't really think about, and just really typed on an urge, so please excuse any imperfections. I leave you to ponder over its meaning, or to invent a new meaning for yourself.


  1. How do you do this?
    Your poetry is so rich in meaning! I sound so bland in comparison.

    1. Oh my, thank you! Don't say that, I love your writing and it certainly is NOT bland.


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