Chance Ballad

To the Dancing Sheep pub, it was
Right down by the Horgan Bale
A blustery and windy day 'twas,
I slipped inside for a sip o' ale

I sits myself down, ordered something strong.
And I looked around a bit.
And not more than five minutes long.
He comes, and takes a sit.

He was a broad shouldered youth, nice and tall
A smug little look on his face
I didn't like him at all, at all
But I received him with gentile grace.

"Hullo lad" I said with a grin,
"Would ye like to take a sip with me?"
He acted as though beer was a sin
And stolidly sipped his tea.

He took out a dice, ebony black
And twirled it 'round in his hand
He looks me in the eyes, and says matter o' fact
"This is the why of the sea and the sand."

I looked at him puzzled like, twirling my beard
'Twas a puzzle to be solved, and I was curious
But no, it was just as I feared
The crazy young lad was serious

"This is the reason you do what you do,
This is the reason you wear that hat
This is the reason you wear that shoe
This is the reason you sat where you sat."

"Chance!" I guffawed, laughing at him
"Boy, you got fluff in your head 
The reason for the materialness of thy limb
Is all because He granted it."

The boy looked at me with the grin of a king
Thinking me a fool, of course
He looked as if he would sooner sing
Than bow to me and my inteligent discourse.


This was a nonsense song I made up for a story I'm writing. There are lots of fun singing-round-the fire and pub scenes, and I thought something after the style of Lear/Seuss would be appropriate for this sort of scene.

~ K A T H R Y N

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  1. I love the whimsical style you used here! I think you presented the material in a very effective and clever way.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


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