when dawn's unfailing light 
shines from newly opened eyes
life and love are still so new
the weary mile is nonetheless a surprise

childhood's glow and warmth and splendor
fall on your face, dirty with play
blithely running, and jumping, and singing
slipping away yet another day.

the sailors rock on this tumultuous ship
to and fro, to and fro
wishing that they could be back home
from whence they came, it seems so long ago

the calm comes, just for a bit
a newly found glorious fantasy
exploration and treasure seeking is all the rage
searching for roots on which to anchor the tree

the magic comes creeping up behind
caressing your face, your hands, your hair
soaking into the blood which courses your veins
things found that were never there

the quiet and fragile state comes
at last, long expected
clutching feebly to hope and love

the old mysteries finally respected

my image


~ K A T H R Y N


  1. Anonymous4/18/2016

    this is so pretty, i love it. <3

    jenni // in my own little world

  2. Love the dewdrops on that daffodil! And the poem is amazing. <3

    Sophia xx


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