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I apologize, dear readers, for the eery silence that has overtaken this blog.

I have been very busy preparing for finals which are coming up quite soon (I have my Latin finals next week. Eeks.) Two more weeks and I will be free from the essential yet painful bondage known as school (minus a few odds and ends I need to finish up before the next school year starts.)
I also have numerous rehearsals for the upcoming ballet concert and benefit I will be performing in. It is a ton of work, both physically and mentally, but I'm very excited and happy to be part of such a special performance. 
I have no idea what the point of this picture was but I like it.
When I get back to blogging frequently in two weeks, I have a couple of fun posts planned. Look out for a contest, more poetry, and short stories soon!

I can't wait for Summer, and I have lots of things planned. I'd like to stretch and workout daily and increase my flexibility and strength before I go back to dance (this year I will not be doing Summer ballet, so I don't want to lose anything.) I also plan on taking up violin/fiddle, and reading a ton. I don't get to free read very much during the school year so I really want to read a lot, ideally at least a book a week. I opted not to do any camps or intensive studies this Summer so I could focus on reading and writing. I also plan on doing other small, fun things I haven't had a chance to do yet--like watching all The Lord of the Rings movies, deep cleaning my room (...aha...), and memorizing some favorite poems. I also would like to do a weekly diary on The Blessings Journal documenting my Summer.

Lilacs are my favorite flowers...and lilac/lavender is my favorite color, as you probably noticed by my blog's numerous designs.

Before I go, I wanted to share a short story I started last week and finished yesterday.


The Villain's Apprentice

I awake from my day long slumber, to the sound of the night bugs clicking and clacking away in the cool night air. I sit up in bed.
The Mistress is standing in the door frame.
"It is time to wake, apprentice. Do hurry up."
I am afraid of the Mistress. I do her bidding swiftly.
Before I slip into my dirty overalls, I stare out the small window to the sleeping village.
So peaceful. So placid. So silent with serenity. Like a snow white swan floating on a lake's glass surface, it carries on it its life calmly, smoothly. It is an innocent village.
The opposite of what the Mistress is, the opposite of what my life is, the opposite of how my mind feels. I am hungry for it.
But no! This will not do! I am a villain's apprentice. I do not crave peace, or joy, or mercy, or any show of the virtues which grace the books of children's books in the attempt to turn children away from the dark road which I am traveling down, farther and farther and farther...
I must push all thoughts of this subject far far away.
The Mistress is coming to teach me my lessons.
"Come now apprentice." She says in the frigid, slithery voice. "We must go outside and practice."
We go to the old barn behind the house and practice knife throwing for an hour.
I am a terrible student.
I cannot throw a knife when I know that in the future it will not be a board that I am throwing at.
The Mistress is displeased with me.
"I sense qualms in you, apprentice. Pity. Unwillingness. That will not do."
She sends me to run all the way down the winding lane to the tree that marks that the village is near. It is for stamina, she says.
I run.
My lungs burn, my eyes water.
But I keep on running.
My heart pounds as I decide what to do.
When I reach the old tree, I do not turn around and run back.
I keep running.
Away from the Mistress and her life, and towards the light, running into dawn.
I will be sought after, pursued for my betrayal of the evil woman.
But I will be happy.


Thanks for reading...I'm off to write an essay.

Are you enduring the woes of finals with a tolerable amount of sanity? Any Summer plans?

~ K A T H R Y N


  1. Wow, that story was amazing. I loved it.:)

    1. Thank you so much, Emma!

  2. Where do you take Latin from? I took Latin 100 last year, and am doing Biblical Greek this year. I really enjoyed Latin, though! :)
    I have missed your posts! Glad to see you back. Good luck on your finals; and magnificent post as usual. <3

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

    1. I take Latin through an online school called Memoria Press. I've been taking Latin through them for three years now and am in the "Third Form" level of their program.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  3. This is a really cool story! I liked the unique POV, and the imagery you used was lovely.
    FINALS ARE STRESSING ME OUT TOO. They're also depriving me of sleep. I just woke up from a 13-hour nap, lmao.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you, Ellie!
      Ugh like be done already finals.
      I've basically been pumping coffee and heavily caffinated tea into my veins as of late.


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