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I first must assure you, dear followers, that I am not dead. Rather, I am the living dead.
well that's what i feel like when i get out of bed
I secondly, must ask your pardons because it has been forever since I posted.
 Before you hurl rotten tomatoes, avocados, etc., let me make my plee.

Summer has been going by like a whirlwind! What with family events, camps, changes, and working to fulfill goals, it's been really hard to sit down at the computer and just write. I also am lacking in inspiration since I haven't had much time to think about this stuff. 
Currently I'm in an Irish music camp that goes from 9-3 Monday-Saturday. I'm playing piano accompaniment in the teen ensemble which will hopefully perform in an Irish fest and some other places. I'm glad I'm doing it because I'm learning a lot and getting exposed to lots of things I otherwise wouldn't have experienced, but it is very tiring. 
I play by ear, and luckily they teach by ear. But I do make up my own accompaniments for the most part, and remembering what I did the day before is kinda nerve wracking. 8-/
So yes, that's why I've been just doing my stretching routine, cleaning up, and plopping into bed when I get home.

Ah-that reminds me of another thing.
This Summer I didn't feel like I was ready for a Summer intensive, so I've been doing a mini "program" by myself. I've been doing countless strengthening and stretching exercises, listening to ballet podcasts, doing barre en pointe, and really targeting my trouble spots. I'm pretty happy with my progress, although it's really hard to get down to doing things when you don't have someone forcing you to do it!

Here are the two YouTube channels that have some good workouts that I've been doing-even if you aren't a ballet dancer, you might like doing them for a fulfilling workout!


FLC is coming up! If you haven't signed up yet, and want to, click the link!


As mentioned before, I'm at a loss for interesting post ideas! Feel free to comment your requests below.

Have a nice day,

~ K A T H R Y N


  1. Hey Kathryn! So you might have already done something like this but I think it would be cool if you did a post like the struggles of a bookworm or a writer. I really like reading posts like that.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. The struggles of a writer is a good idea! I haven't done anything like that. It's definitely on my post ideas list.

  2. Wow! All of your activities sound like so much fun! No worries about not posting a lot, summer can be hectic!;)

    1. Thank you, Emma!


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