Evangelization in the Modern World


to try to convert (a group or area) to a different religion (especially Christianity) 

In a world where ideas contradicting popular beliefs are called "hate" and people who introduce these ideas are labeled "haters", it's hard to know when to speak up, and it's even harder to have the courage to do so. In fact, I've just found it easier to keep my mouth shut! (Talk about free speech...)

How to tell when to share your beliefs? How do you share them? And most importantly, how do you dispel the fear that comes with being the odd one out?

Thankfully, I haven't been confronted with any terrible confrontation directly, but I definitely see Christians being persecuted in the media, rallies, etc. Likewise, I see people claiming to be Christians persecuting those who don't share their beliefs. Lots of anger, non? It's terrible to see all the hatred that is going on in the world right now, yet it is very angering when people disagree with you! I have definitely experienced frustration on this point, and have multiple times let my anger show. This being said, how do you introduce your views in a kind, yet powerful, way? 

For an example, let's say that I  am participating in a group conversation. The conversation has been going fine up to now, until someone brings up last night's news. The conversation really heats up when someone complains about "all the hate "gay" people are getting." I'm inwardly shaking my head by now, and I start to think up some general topics that interest and include everyone, when someone starts badmouthing a political figure who has taken a stand against this topic. I'm asked my opinion.
It's tempting to go the old, "oh, I don't know..." route and start randomly talking about chocolate (because chocolate is pretty much agreed to be the best),  but would that really be the right way to go?
Obviously, I have reasons based on my beliefs that makes me take a stand against the issue, but I'm not going to fire them all at the group right then and there. It's kind of like a school teacher deciding to teach you to read before you know the alphabet. Really confusing, annoying, and pretty soon you start hating reading. 
"I personally don't support homosexuality,  but I do think that he addressed it rudely last night."
Two people  roll their eyes, but one person asks why I don't support this issue. 
Uh oh. 
"I believe that God created man for woman, and woman for man. "
That's really all that needs to be said at the moment, unless your listening party shows interest. In that scenario, I think it's great if you share. But never be pushy. Don't stop when you're rebuffed, though. Prayer is a non-obvious way to help your neighbor. I think it is especially important to remember, that we are all human, and we all need help. You aren't perfect, even though you are beyond blessed to know and believe in God. Remember, you aren't trying to convert to prove that you're right, you're trying to convert so that other can know the Truth. 

That wasn't the best example, but I think it conveys a realistic situation that portrays my point well.

Now you're probably thinking it's all very well for me to tell you this, but would I actually behave like this in a situation? I mean, there's some pretty nasty stuff that can be hurled at you if you're labeled a hater. Here's the honest truth--I probably wouldn't.

Writing controversial blog posts gives me the willies. All the not-so-nice comments I've gotten aren't exactly encouraging. I've made big mistakes when trying to share my opinions (I've been known to be a bit stubborn...) But I think if I persevere in these small acts of attempting to share my beliefs with others, I'll become braver, stronger, and more ready to face persecution and go against the current. 

To wrap up, I'd like to share the C.S. Lewis quote that inspired me to write this post. 
Being living proof of the joy that God is is surely the best way to evangelize.

Have a nice night!

~ K A T H R Y N

Note: This post is based entirely on my own opinions.


  1. *applauds* I think that the way you addressed handling a group situation like that is perfect, Kathryn. I personally have never been really confronted AT ALL like that, mainly because the community I live is for the most part fairly quiet. But I understand what you mean about free speech and such, like, honestly, sometimes IT IS EASIER TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. But, when I think about it, Jesus really didn't do that. He was to the point that the religious leaders wanted to freaking kill Him....so. Yeah. ^_^
    But this was such a great post, and kuddos to you for writing it.

  2. Love this post! That is a brilliant quote -- C.S. Lewis is so great! <3
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

  3. I agree completely with this post! Great job, I really like the way you explained it. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. Amazing post! I've always thought it's greatly courageous of you to share your controversial opinions on a lot of subjects! I've always shied away from that and never started sharing my opinion without being asked just because I don't want to start a debate! LOL! I loved this post, great job!:)

  5. Never be afraid to voice your opinions. True courage is the ability to speak up!

  6. Thanks for posting this, Kathryn!

  7. This is a very inspiring and well written post.
    It is indeed so much easier to keep silent.... but I feel guilty about NOT speaking out, and standing up for what I believe in. My problem is that I either say nothing, or explode and say too much. :p yeah, it's not too good. I agree, prayer is always good, and it's non-obvious, as you said, so I try to do that often.

    Brilliant quote! So brilliant, in fact, I'm going to borrow it. I hope you don't mind. :)
    ~Your Friend in the Yellow Shirt

  8. I feel this way a lot, especially when we discuss current events at school. Speaking up is something I struggle with. Thanks for posting this! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  9. I so appreciate your boldness, Kathryn! I totally agree. If we personally don't speak up for God and right, who will? God gives boldness, and doing right is far more eternally beneficial than trying to fit in with people.



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