The Scribbler's Saga: Packing for the Journey


A while back on a survey, I got some requests to do posts about writing. I decided to do a series geared towards current/aspiring writers, all about how you can grow as a writer!
Today, we'll be chatting about getting into the writing zone, making the words come easier, and being confident.


First, let's take a look into our writer's pack:

Note: You may pack more or less.

Your pack might include:

+ A laptop or notebook depending on preference
+ Pencils and highlighters of startling quantities (those writing utensils do like to run away and never come back.)
+ Imagination
+ Tissue (for when things get emotional.)
+ Wall (for head banging.)
+ Food (usually chocolate, chips, pretzels or other health food.)
+ Bookish tendencies*

*The last, I think, is one of the most important things you'll need. More on that later.

Ah. Now you've packed your back, we can start our journey.

"Wait, this is the part where we actually write? I'm terrified!"

Take a deep breath, and we'll begin...

Setting the Stage, Putting on the Play

I never got that whole storyboard-planning-heavily detailed maps thing some people do.
All I do is kinda open up a word doc with my eyes half shut and start typing maniacally while chuckling to myself.
But wait, Kathryn! How the heck is this supposed to help us people that actually have more than fluff in our heads? (hint: not Kathryn.)
Well, my dear Inklings, here's a simple three step process.

1. Get Inspired.

Watch good movies, read copiously, observe people, pay attention in history class (don't give me that snarky look, history is the STORY OF US FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD), read copiously, read old books, read new books, go to museums, write out the unedited story of what you do in a day, read children's books, volunteer at the library, make up backstories for strangers, listen to music, read copiously...

Here's some homework: find a random story idea and comment it below.

2. Actually Writing

"But we just created a story idea! Give us a breather!"

Sorry guys, you're on a roll. Let's keep it that way.

Where do you want your story to go? Think up a general idea, then branch off of that. Change whatever you want, add whatever you want. If you're stuck, look in a couple of book and really observe how the writer unfolds the story. Talk to your friends. I've gotten lots of great ideas from my friends, and it's definitely more fun when you're working with others.
Even if you feel like you're stuck, write something. You can always delete it later when your imagination is rejuvenated.

3. Goals

I have mixed feelings on goals. I like the idea of that little push to get you brainstorming, but I also feel that you could bomb a lot of stuff just because you're rushing. If you feel like having a deadline brings out your best writing abilities, go for it. If not, take it one step at a time. Believe in yourself! You are capable of writing good literature.


Let's chat! Any suggestions for your fellow writers? Story ideas? Comment below!

Next up on The Scribbler's Saga: Crafting the Companions

~ K A T H R Y N


  1. I find that writing about dragons is always fun. Even though you may not want to write important pieces on them, since it's a bit of a cliché, it's fun to write short stories about dragons! Especially ones where they happen to be good, not bad. I recently wrote a short story about a misunderstood dragon, and I found it very enjoyable! You should try it!

  2. This was such a fun post, Kathryn! I can't wait for more of this series!!

    1. Thank you so much!

  3. This sounds like a great series! I look froward to reading more. :)

  4. Hey Kathryn! How's dance??

    1. Dance is great? I've been doing a lot more on pointe, and working on turns. How is dance for you?


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