Star Crossed Lovers

the moon came out into the velvety night
he caught the glow of sun's skirts as she drifted away
he softly caressed her golden tresses
whispered to her softly
"we're day and night, and if our love be true
we can live together, in this expanse of blue"
she smiled shyly, tentatively whispered
"fate deigned that jovial cupid should
pierce our hearts in a single shot"
so they went up into the sky 
and promised to be together always

alas! the grey meteorites shot past
and were bewildered at the lukewarm glow of the two orbs
they battered the strange with a less than gentle touch
and managed to tumble the sun from the sky

moon wept with anguished tears
and extinguished himself from the sapphire domain

sun, however, had not been hurt by the fall
only her shining skirts were rumpled
she ran back up to the sky, calling to the moon
only to find his milky blood
striped across the sky

her heart was raw with a throbbing pain
she took the sharp bolt of zeus
and plunged it into her vulnerable heart


inspired by William Shakespeare's famous play, Romeo and Juliet

picture taken last Christmas ;)

~ K A T H R Y N


  1. Ugh this was so good!! It was really really beautiful.

    1. Thank you, my kind friend.


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