The Cave

surly shadows danced listlessly against the stony walls
walls that provided our only landscape, walls that did not provoke thought
do walls ever provoke thought? i suppose, sometimes.
but not these walls.
reality was merely a smoky illusion
cast carelessly on these walls with the ardor of Hephaestus
our bonds held us fast, no thoughts to free us
no pellucid aspirations to give us wings

i somehow managed to break my bonds
given strength by my yearning for truth
i ran as fast as my weakened limbs could carry me
to the light

the light burned with a fiery intensity
it seemed to purge me of all the darkness that had ever been in me
i saw the truth
and it was beautiful
i longed to share it with the whole world so that they too could feel the scintillating sparkle
of a glimpse of eternity

i ran to my still fettered companions 
spilled my enlightenment and joy and encouragement
come seek the light with me, let it wash over you
they looked at me like i had gone mad
and maybe i had

they assaulted me with anger behind their eyes
but i did not fear
i did not feel anger
i felt a pity that tore my soul to pieces and brought tears to me eyes
will you not come to the light?

~ K A T H R Y N

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