i stood looking up at the painted sky
tracing the lines of eternity

others had seen the scintillating canvas
they had felt the golden halcyon 


a haze of feral visions
stories waiting to be told

but for now i stay on the ground
i must wait to take flight


~ K A T H R Y N

P.S. What kind of posts do you want to see? I'm thinking of ressurecting Tea and a Read.


  1. YESSSS, I loved Tea and a Read!

    I love the line "a haze of feral visions / stories waiting to be told" <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  2. I love your poems so much! Also, I think we have had the same length of hair/haircut as each other consistently for the last 5 years or so . . .

    1. Thank, Ellie! I've always loved you hair. :)


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