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I apologize for the lack of posts for the past 6 weeks-I just had my phone with me, and I was not going to try typing up a wordy post on that.

Since it's been a while, why not do another of those random, discombobulated life posts sprinkled with a a dash of insanity and reality? 


I took a lot of dance photos

I hate looking at dance photos or videos of myself. I cringe and criticize until I just want to call it quits and live my life like a lamenting walrus. However, part of me wants to have those pictures to track my personal progress. So, I'm sharing some of the ones I took over summer intensive. I might share some "artsy" ones I took later. Perhaps. 

School starts this month *slow crumple of dispair*

My philosophy is that once school starts, Summer ends. The fluid flow of imaginative pondering and subconscious revelations of the mysteries of life is quelled as the brain is stuffed with equations and formulas.

No dearest mum, I am not being dramatic. 

This year in addition to the required classes, I am taking accelerated chemistry (a bad idea), instrumental ensemble (don't know what to expect), and art (yay!)

I feel the urge to write

I havn't written anything except to-do lists the past few weeks. (Well, I wrote in my head but that never sticks around.) I can't wait to write some poetry or short stories this week.  


~ K A T H R Y N


  1. Your back!! And those pictures are really good by the way. :)

  2. These pictures *a million heart face emojis* <3333


  3. These photos are gorgeous, oh my goodness!


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