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        Kathryn, the tall girl with the blonde hair, loves to write, dreaming of  the day she will once be an author. Until then, she will read, practice ballet, and indulge in many unwholesome activities that should not be mentioned here, including, but not limited to: Harry Potter movie marathons, maladroit art attempts, and being creepy in public (well, actually all the time).  Kathryn has four siblings who like to threaten her with (butter) knives when she babysits, but are, on the whole, sweet little things. Kathryn lives in Chicago, but sometimes she wishes she lived in a creepy old mansion on a hill. Perhaps she'll consider that sort of  location when house shopping in the future. 
Somehow my attempts at dramatic biographies never turn out as planned. Oh well.

'Lo there! I'm Kathryn, a sixteen year old bibliophile that can't go a day without writing something. When I'm not reading or scribbling away at a story, I'm most likely dancing, watching old movies, or plotting the next chapter in my book.

I love music. I play the piano by ear, but am trying to improve celerity in music reading. I also play the violin/fiddle by ear, and love to jam out to anything from folk music to film scores!  I like to watch musicals and dance and sing along while watching.

Tea and coffee are almost always sitting on my desk. I can't survive without them. Well, maybe I could, but it wouldn't be very pretty.

I LOVE to read, and my favorite part of my room is the bookshelves filled to the brim with my favorite stories! Reading is so comforting to me, and I love the familiar feeling of contentment I experience when I embark on a new literary adventure.

Some of my obsessions interests:   // Harry Potter // dance// Doctor Who // Stranger Things // Fall // stopmotion // sketching // Middle Earth // Tim Burton // swimming // Coraline // photography // writing // learning about different cultures // reading // telling stories (especially spooky ones) // marine biology // history // Jane Austen // philosophy // learning new languages // ma boyz Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft // hiking + general adventuring

"When a grow up",  I'd like to be a teacher of some sort. I don't know yet...the future is unsettlingly indefinite! I do know I'll always be a writer and blogger. <3

welcome to my blog.

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