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        Kathryn, the tall girl with the blonde hair, loves to write, dreaming of  the day she will once be an author. Until then, she will read, practice ballet, and indulge in many unwholesome activities that should not be mentioned here, including, but not limited to: Harry Potter marathons, failed drawings, and being creepy in public. Kathryn has four siblings who like to threaten her with knives while she is babysitting, but are, on the whole, sweet little things. Kathryn lives in Chicago, but sometimes she wishes she lived in a creepy old mansion on a hill. Perhaps she'll consider that sort of  location when house shopping down the road.


Somehow my attempts at dramatic biographies never turn out as planned. Oh well.
'Lo there! I'm Kathryn, a fifteen year old bibliophile that can't go a day without writing something. When I'm not reading or writing, I'm most likely practicing ballet, watching Austen movies, or plotting the next chapter in my book.

I'm obsessed with anything from the past, and am one of those nuts that will go to the historical section of the library rather than the YA fiction section. I believe we can learn from the past, and it is something to be remembered with a fresh mind, not forgotten.

I love music. I play the piano by ear, but am trying to improve celerity in note reading. I also play the violin/fiddle by ear, and love to jam out to anything from folk music to film scores!  I like to watch musicals and dance and sing along while watching.

Tea and coffee are almost always sitting on my desk. I can't survive without them. (Overdramatic? Or not?)

I love learning new languages! I've been taking Latin for 5 years, French (formal classes) for 1, and am teaching myself Gàidhlig (Gaelic.) 

I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the season Fall, and my favorite holiday (other than Christmas, of course) is Halloween.

"When a grow up",  I want to be a professional ballerina, marine biologist, stopmotion animator, actress, and numerous other things. I can't decide. I am certain I will be a writer though. I hope to continue blogging as well.

I am a proud Roman Catholic.

Welcome to my blog.

The Argonaut Nation ( wonderful website I contribute to.)

More About Me:

A.K.A. Random things you probably don't need to know

I can hold my breath for a very long time. I've never timed it though.
I hate bananas, tomatoes, and milk.
When I grow up I plan to eat a whole pan of brownies by myself.
I love regal dresses and long princess-y hair.
My confirmation name is Lydia
I like the smells of melaluca, artificial vanilla, lavender, and pine.
Though I seem very crazy and outgoing on the internet, I'm freakishly jitter-when-she-orders-food shy.
I hate the feel and sound of pencils...scratch scratch scratch
My favorite animals are sharks and narwhals, but I also like anything marine. Bunnies and cats are rad too.
My favorite colors are lavender and black

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